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Calm your nerves with stretch yoga sofa


More often than not, people undermine the detriment of stress to the human mind, mental health, and general well being, especially work place stress, which is one of the most dangerous of the lot. This is why it is important to make available de-stress facility in your home after the seeming daily norm of excessive job demands.

Implication of work stress
In addition to mental health problems, anyone suffering from prolonged work stress can go on to develop serious physical health problems such as cardiovascular disease or musculoskeletal problems.

Wondering what you need in place to take all the stress away? Stretch Yoga Sofa is the way to go.

Originally introduced to the fitness world as a modified version of hatha yoga for individuals with health implications and the elderly, stretch yoga sofa has attracted new fans especially worker who run their daily routine under a whole lot of stress.


The benefits of yoga to general well being are numerous; some people have likened it to restoration of life. The famous Indian meditation expert, Amit Ray, likened yoga exercise to science. “A science of well-being, a science of youthfulness, a science of integrating body, mind and soul.”

Wondering how to learn or start yoga practice class amidst your busy schedule? You do not necessarily need to, as yoga has been made easy with the stretch yoga sofa. All you need do is hit available furniture store and purchase one or two for your home depending on how big your family is. Then, go ahead and de-stress through the following procedures:

You can have yoga exercise on your stretch yoga sofa via the positions below:

Seated spine twist position:
• Sit on your stretch yoga sofa and place legs directly in front of you.
• Bend your right knee and place right foot on your left thigh.
• Keep left leg straight.
• Place left elbow on outside of right knee.
• Reach your right hand behind you and look over right shoulder
• Switch legs and repeat other side.
• Do both sides several times.

Arm hugs position
• Cross one arm over the body to touch the opposite shoulder.
• Use the other arm to deepen the stretch
• Reverse and repeat

Side stretch position
• While seated, reach both arms straight up, grab the left wrist with the right hand
• Lean up and out to the right, pulling gently on the left wrist.
• Reverse and repeat


Hamstring stretch position
• Straighten your legs
• Fold your body towards your toes while keeping your back straight, count to 1-15 and slowly pull back up.
• Repeat.

Benefits of using stretch yoga sofa
• Improving flexibility
• Relieving cramps and stiffness
• Reducing anxiety
• Relieve workplace stress and tension.
• Elevate self-care and prevent burnout in the workplace.
• Increased muscle strength and tone.
• Ease discomfort and alleviate potential risk of blood clots
• Improves respiration, energy and vitality
• Help maintaining a balanced metabolism
• Weight reduction.
• Improve cardio and circulatory health
• Improve athletic performance
• Protect from injury
• Create a happy mental state

Who need stretch yoga sofa?
• Every hard worker needs stretch yoga sofa
• It would help people suffering from chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis
• It would also benefit people over a certain age who have trouble moving through the up and down motions of traditional yoga. Stretch yoga sofa would stabilise them.


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