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Shirley Igwe: The movie industry has been rewarding

By Ijeoma Thomas-Odia
30 October 2021   |   2:32 am
Shirley Igwe is a Nollywood actress, movie producer and model. The Imo state indigene light skinned beauty is a graduate of Mass Communication, Imo State University, Owerri.

Shirley Igwe

Shirley Igwe is a Nollywood actress, movie producer and model. The Imo state indigene light skinned beauty is a graduate of Mass Communication, Imo State University, Owerri. Having started off as a model, Shirley modeled for Delta soap as an undergraduate and in 2013, the then Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha appointed Shirley as his principal officer, a post she held for two years before venturing into acting. Having been in the movie industry in almost a decade, Shirley has featured in a number of movies including, Where Lovers Met, Family Business, Middle of Nowhere, Based on Principle, Bongo Night, Unmasked, Hook, Line and Sinker. In this interview with IJEOMA THOMAS-ODIA, she shares her passion for acting and lifestyle.

Your career has evolved over the years; share with us your journey into the movie industry?
MY journey into the movie industry hasn’t been bad at all. I started off as a producer and advanced into acting. It can get very tasking sometimes but it’s been rewarding so far. Sometimes, I struggle with juggle between sets and the stress of trying to finish up because there’s another job waiting can be tasking. I don’t get to see my family members up to six months to one year. This is a busy industry; you have to ensure that you are in their faces of your audience all the time to keep you in their minds; although it can get really busy but at the end, you will smile. It only gets better, I thank God for his grace because it is not everyone that gets a busy schedule in the industry, and I don’t take the grace of God for granted. More people come into this industry on a daily basis and I still get busy, it can only be God.

What do you consider a factor that keeps you going and living your dreams?
It’s just God honestly, sometimes, it feels overwhelming; you don’t want to take in any jobs, you just want to rest and take a break. Again, the fact that I want to succeed and the zeal to do greater things – be on bigger screens and surmount my past achievements. I shot a movie earlier this year and it is going on Netflix, one day, we will get to Hollywood by the Grace of God.

Tell us about your growing up and educational background?
I grow up in a family of eight and I’m the last. My dad was quite a disciplinarian and an academician and he helped shaped me. I attended Federal Government Girl’s College, Owerri and after which I studied Mass Communication in Imo State University. Then venturing into the movie industry, I took time to study acting and filmmaking at New York film academy. I also have a cabin executive license, which I obtained from Cranfield Aviation Training School in South Africa.

You must have faced challenges on the industry, what are they?
Well, there’s really no challenges order than the challenges we all face as human beings such as surviving living in Nigeria and meeting up your targets.

What key changes do you hope to see in the movie industry and how are you contributing your quota to its growth?
I hope that someday there will be more avenues for movie/content producers to showcase their work, now there’s Netflix which is good, there needs to be more to accommodate the films producers who churn out movies everyday and for it to reach a wider audience.

What new project are you working on? What should we be expecting from you?
There are a lot of projects in the works; you should be expecting mind-blowing contents.

What does fashion mean to you?
To me fashion is an expression of oneself. How you feel, colours you love and you are comfortable with. Most importantly, bear in mind what suits your body type.

What is your style?
Chic and comfortable

What is your favourite fashion piece?
I love to wear hats and sometimes flat half shoes

Share with us your beauty regime?
I stay hydrated; I drink a lot of water and it will be evident on your skin. I don’t wear make up except for occasions or shoots it helps your face breath. I also exfoliate twice or thrice a week and I must shower before bed, I don’t sleep with makeups on.

What key advice do you have for young people seeking to build a career path in the industry?
It’s easy to dream but please do your homework. Understand the job and put in the work. With patience, perseverance and consistency, the sky is your starting point.

What is your life mantra?
I’ve so many that I sing everyday one of which is, I am created for a purpose and I shall fulfill my destiny.

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