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Common causes of your leaky roof


Any leaky roof, however small, is a major inconvenience that can cause significant amount of damage to your ceilings, walls and entire home. Therefore, there’s need to urgently repair roof leaks by figuring out the cause of the leaky roof.

Installed items or gadgets such as satellite dishes, antenna and fallen trees can create holes in the roof.

Roofing material can weaken after a long time, especially the ones with minimal lifespan. Harsh weather and exposure to sunlight can also lead to deterioration of your roof, which results to perforation.

This type of leak is caused by improper installation or measuring of the skylight.
Roof vents.

Plastic roof vents and the gaskets around pipe vents can crack over time hereby creating gaps in between the roofs.


Broken or missing shingles
High winds and heavy rains can damage or remove your shingles roof. You can check for missing shingles by seeing if there are any missing or different hued patches.

Clogged gutters
Gutters can become clogged with leaves, pine needles, branches etc. This slows down or stops the flow of rainwater, hereby allowing it to pool and becomes vulnerable for leaks.

Excess moisture.
Improper installation of gutters can lead to draining and pooling issues, causing leaks.

Water can trickle in through the chimney and find even the smallest crack or hole to seep into. Water may also pool at the base of the chimney in certain cases.

Soffit or fascia damage
Water can soften the fascia and soffits of the roof and cause holes. While birds and squirrels find these holes and further worsen the condition.


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