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Create Opportunities And Change The Times


Image source leadformix

Image source leadformix

ONE of the saddest things we see around us are people waiting for time and chance to happen.

That is a good definition or day-dreaming… living and waiting for a time when all circumstances will align in your favour. Time and chance do happen to all men but seldom do you find that all aspects of a person’s life should be perfect in order to qualify for his or her big break.

We can create chances by making the most of every opportunity that time brings by us. If we are always ready in and out of season, we might surprise ourselves at how many chances can come across one man in a lifetime!

Make People Feel Comfortable With You
Comfort should not be limited to oneself or by circumstances; but should be extended to other people. Whether you’re in a kingly attire or in a potato sack, what people will remember most is how you made them feel; If they felt pity or jealous, if your insolence or pride made them long for home or if they were inspired by your positive disposition or humility; if you made their day a little bit easier, if you inspired them to believe a little more in themselves and their dreams, if the sun shone a little brighter because you were with them, then chances are that you would live a lot longer in their hearts and memories.

Be Graciousness In Word And In Deed
IT is as rare as an honest smile to find a gracious personality. With all the sham and harshness in this broken world, it’s little surprise that we are inclined to keep to ourselves most of the time. However, in truth, it pays more to be kind that to be a recipient of kindness; Offer your time, give of your wealth – both material and immaterial, be sincere, be gentle, be thoughtful – be gracious! We ought to be inspired by the fact that we are most like our LORD when we are loving or gracious: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son…” – John 3:16(KJV). You will save yourself from a lot of heart ache if you give of yourself graciously without expecting anything in return.

“What’s in a name that which we call a rose…” – William Shakespeare
Who is the person who has no identity? Everyone holds onto some sense of identity no matter what. One aspect of who we are – or of our identity is our name. Whether a person feels inferior or confident, he or she will appreciate the acknowledgement of his or her name consciously or subconsciously. Ask for a person’s name, repeat it to get it right and say it a number of times in conversation. Just try it!

External pointers of a regal and dignified image
Keep your head parallel to the floor – This does takes confidence to do and speaks of surety in ones substance.
Keep your spine straight, of a natural alignment which isn’t rigid – This is signature of royalty and speaks of a stable and upright character.
Shoulders back – This communicates grace and elegance.
Best foot forward (women) – communicates grace and refinement.
Legs apart placed solidly on the ground (men) – this speaks of solidity and dependability
Tummy tucked – this is a very valuable exercise as it takes care of the lower back muscles and the chest.
Carriage – do not walk too fast or too slow but maintain a moderate pace.
Crown all this with the humble dignity, in gesture and relation to others. Without this your presentation will be shunned and deservingly too!

Have Some God-Confidence!
“YOU win some and you lose some”. This is a well-known saying that we can all identify with. Certainly, we cannot have all that we want. However, the truth is that there is a lot we need not forfeit but our inadequacies make us fall short. Even our best-laid plans might seem like a pack of cards when…well, life happens. We might have the best degree, the most reliable circle of friends, be seasoned in etiquette and still fall so far short of our potential. The aforementioned aspects are not bad in themselves and God can use all that to our advantage.

We should be prepared and be skilled in those areas however our trust should not depend upon them. When we submit ourselves to God, He would wrought in us something much greater than our abilities can offer us. One thing I have learnt is to lean on the promises of God. One of my favorite is, “Father, You are the wall of fire around me and the glory in the midst of me” – Zachariah 2:5. By God’s grace, people will see the glory of God in you and not your limitations.

I found a deeper revelation of what I call God-confidence; when your confidence lies on something infallible and infinitely greater than yourself, your so called strength or shortcomings will never be the determining factor. Do not look at yourself or circumstances; you need only fear God and see Him.

Image and Etiquette: As a young lady, I suffered much from inferiority and timidity. I had an unhealthy distrust of myself and God-given beauty. By God’s grace, I found answers in the Bible (especially the Songs of Solomon) which transformed me. His Word transformed me from a bitter, angry teenager to a cheerful, content, peace-filled and purposeful woman; Jesus changed me from the inside out. I have a passion for etiquette and image and I know that our outward image and our attitudes are influenced by our heart; therefore, image and etiquette is spirit, soul and body – just as it was in the beginning! Having been given the knowledge, experimental application and experience through His grace alone, this is what I teach. Unconventional…yes, but it remains the truth to the degree that I have understood it. For this, I make no apologies.

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