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Creating haven with white wall

By Maria Diamond
07 December 2019   |   4:11 am
The superpower of a white wall is beyond the imagination of people who stay away from the colour in the name of easy-stain.

The superpower of a white wall is beyond the imagination of people who stay away from the colour in the name of easy-stain. Aside from the unrivaled aesthetic effect that white paint gives to any space, it also gives room for easy creativity, something that walls painted with other colours cannot achieve even with intense blending techniques.

Effortlessly elegant, sophisticated, and modern, it is the best choice when you want to make a space look bright and airy while being versatile enough to match with other colours on the spectrum.

Ever wondered why the most sophisticated homes, offices and event centres without fail are coated in white walls? Why interior designers and architectures tend to prefer white interiors?

It is because white walls are great backdrops, not just for other colours, but for whatever you want to create with your space. It not only encourages creativity, but also gives your space and surroundings that sparkling and spotless touch that gives you a sense of cleanliness and thoroughness.

Wonders of white walls
. White wall not only clears your mind when your thoughts are clouded, it is relaxing.
. Considering the stress one experiences on a daily basis, coming home to a calm white painted home, especially when retiring to the bedroom, can be a delight because the surroundings naturally unwinds you.
. White wall make any space appear larger and more open. It diffuses light better than any colour and makes the space brighter.

What white walls represents in your space
. White is classic. White is elegant, tasteful and always in style. It glows by candlelight and looks splendid with antiques and original wood trim. Unlike some of-the-moment colours, a room painted white will never feel outdated.
. A white painted wall is a perfect canvas for any type of décor and can create the illusion that your space is bright which simply makes interior decors well-balanced and beautiful.
. Because white is a standard staple in design, it is impossible to get tired of its crisp appearance and calming appeal.
. It optimises natural light in a room. White paint can boost the amount of light that enters the room while keeping it cool and serene.

How to maintain white painted walls
Contrary to popular believe, you will be amazed to know that white is easy to maintain as it naturally gives you a sense of neatness and thoroughness that does not gives room for dirt or stain in the first place.

However, if you find stains on your wall, get a clean rag soaked in water, add some detergent and wipe stain.

It is however noteworthy to emphasise on the importance of using quality white paint that will not go off while cleaning the affected areas.

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