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Daring the gods – Part 4


lighteningAyinke instantly knelt down in front of Bodija as she began her soft and persuasive speech. Bodija folded his arms under his armpit and gazed at the horizon, not minding the strong and soothing entreaties of his beloved wife. His will was so strong, so adamant and unrelenting.

Ayinke adjusted her voice once again and began: “Bodija, the brave one. Hear my plea. I want you more than anything in this life. Without you, there is no me.

“My husband, with the hotness of the sun and the gentleness of the moon; no one dare face the ferocity of the lion, but its match. Bodija, my husband with the heart of a lion.

“I will never leave you, even if the moon refuses to shine. We are like the sky and the clouds, always together, ever romancing. We are like the fishes in the deep ocean, inseparable and ever together.

“You are the provider, who gives so much joy. There is no one in this world that has the same pure love for me as you. There is none like you, my husband, the warrior that stands by his treasure.

“My handsome husband! You are to me like the sun that gives succour and life to the living… Oh, I love you. Bodija, don’t go! They are bloodhounds and suckers, those people! They want to harm you. My eyes are filled with tears, my brave husband. I am afraid they want your blood.

“Oh, dear… dear… I can’t live without you… Don’t go… Bodija, the brave one…”

Bodija looked deep into her pleading eyes and replied: “Ayinke, this battle is the fight of my life. My unborn child must grow up in that house. I can’t let anybody seize it while I still have the breath of life in me. Nothing will harm me. No evil shall snatch me from you, because I love you. We are made for each other from creation.

“No woman on earth has ever filled my heart with so much joy as you do. The love we share will see me through this battle of my life; nothing is stronger than love. Not even death.

“Ayinke, I know you love me sincerely from the depth of your soul. I could see it the very first day I set my eyes on you. Ayinke, my love, let me go…

“It is my land, the spirit of my forefathers will see me through… Love conquers all.”

Ayinke was actually crying while hugging Bodija that morning. Her head was resting on his chest. She was trying to soothe and calm his nerves. She was so worried and concerned for the safety and good health of her husband.

Bodija left some minutes later and was now approaching his piece of land. From a distance, he could hear the worship songs of the religious gathering.

When he got there, he raised his megaphone and screamed: “What sort of gathering is this? What nonsense! This is my land and nobody worships fetish gods on this land! Before the count of three, I order everybody here to vacate my land, if not I will show you all that you are sitting atop a hot charcoal!”

The next minute, a tall and light-skinned man, almost the height of Bodija, walked to the altar and seized the megaphone…

(To be concluded next Saturday)

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