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Don’t lockdown entertainment, create your movie gallery at home

By Maria Diamond
23 May 2020   |   4:15 am
The greatest attribute of a home is the fact that you can bring luxury, entertainments and all the embodiments of a beautiful life home if need be.

The greatest attribute of a home is the fact that you can bring luxury, entertainments and all the embodiments of a beautiful life home if need be.

So the fact that most entertainment hubs including your favourite cinema have been locked down due to the novel Coronavirus does not mean that aspect of your life should also be locked down with the overwhelming virus’ excesses.

It is no longer news that entertainment is life. As a matter of fact, it is the most viable choice of detox after a long day, especially with the all round pressure from the pandemic.

Yes, you can have it all in that private space you have made a home. In fact, you can make paradise of your home if you so desire. So if you’re feeling disconnected from the nerve-calming thrill you get at the cinema with family and friends, it’s time to fix that challenge by creating your own cinema at home.

Here’s how to do it:
Get An Appropriate Space
Creating a comfortable cinema atmosphere may require apt creativity, which is why it’s best to start from the beginning – look around your space and figure out the most suitable and conducive space to convert into a home cinema. No, you don’t need a huge space but a sitting space for each member of your family. However, if you do not have a spare convertible space, no need to worry, your living room will do, but you may have to rearrange your seats from time to time.

Get a Big Flat Screen Television
You definitely need a big flat screen television with UHD high resolution of at least 65”. What makes a cinema is not necessarily the movies considering how you can see a movie on your regular television screen at home or even with the smallest android phone anywhere, but the immensity of the television screen.

Find a sound bar or speaker system that suits the purpose. A portable home theater would do.

You Need A Moderate Projector
If you want an absolute cinema view and you have the space to hang a projector, then you should get one and then go ahead and stream. The prices vary, so go for the most affordable since it’s a home cinema; you really don’t need anything expensive.

An appropriate illumination gives you the cinema ambience effect. If you want an absolute cinema experience, ceiling track lightning is your best choice. However, if you need to cut cost, all you need is a dimmer controlling lighting. They are available in different shades and at affordable prices.

If you’re not using your living room, you may need to get a new set of furniture. Depending on your preferred sitting arrangement, a single upholstery fabric arm sofa long enough to comfortably accommodate every member of the family will do just fine.

Snacks and Drink
What’s a movie entertainment time without snacking and drinking through the movie? In fact, considering the fact that you’re home, you may prefer to do more, than just snacking. Perhaps you prefer roasted or fried chicken, fish, beef, others, with a decent cup of tea, beverages, wine or juice. Whatever you decide, just take all the paranoia of the pandemic off your mind and relax in your safest place in the world.

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