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Eccentric vases for your flowers

By Maria Diamond
13 June 2020   |   4:00 am
Behind an elegant interior décor flower is an eccentric vase bestowing it with exquisite aesthetic.

Behind an elegant interior décor flower is an eccentric vase bestowing it with exquisite aesthetic.

The beauty and ambience derived from any interior décor flower is never solely in the flower, but in the uniqueness of the vase containing the flower, as even a single stem leave or flower put in a magnificent vase will spice up your space and atmosphere perfectly.

A great vase would not only radiate your flower and brighten up your space and mood, but also bestow your interior with satisfying scenery especially in these dire COVID-19 times that your home has become your only safe aesthetic destination.

In essence, that beautiful rose, lily, orchid and others given to you by a dear one may elude its intrinsic values without an appropriate vessel.

A flower can only glorify your space when put in a proper decorative vase to match its blossoming contents. So if you’re wondering why you still keep an old flower in an unbefitting vessel, you may want to do a quick shop for eccentric vases, which does not necessarily have to be expensive, just captivating, and the result will be a wow experience.

Below are a number of eccentric decorative vases in its varieties:

Single Stem Vase
This is one of the most unique and captivating flower vase due to its intrinsic simplicity. It is meant for single rose blooms, lily, etc. The single stem flower vase is perfect for all spots, be it the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, classroom, hotels, event centres, others.

. Ceramic Vase
Ceramic vases are stylishly unique and classy. With their different shapes, sizes, designs and colours, your interior space becomes an intrinsic manifestation of beauty.

. Bouquet Vase
With a flared out opening shape that allows sufficient space for your flowers, bouquet vases are usually quite tall in order to accommodate tall flowers.

. Bowl Vase
Due to the uncommon nature of bowl vases, the flowers do not necessarily have to stand tall in the vase but can lay side ways. With floating flowers like garden rose, orchid, gerbera daisy blooms, etc. your space will be tremendously transformed. However, it is advisable to use a transparent bowl vase so the flowers can be seen.

. Marble Vase
For marble vases, what you get is sophistication that bestows your choice flower with luxury and class. The designs are durable with high tensile strength and smooth finish.

. Glass Vase
Aside coming in different colours, sizes and shapes, the uniqueness of glass vase is in its transparency, which of course adds to the beauty of the vase. With a glass vase, you can be as creative as you desire with additions of tiny beautiful pieces of ornaments like plastic or elastic bubbles decoration, pearls, crystal stones, others.

. Vintage Brass Vase
Brass vases are specifically exotic. The uniqueness is in its self-serving attribute even without any content. You place a piece of brass vase in your interior and the result is a centerpiece.

. Handmade Vase
This is basically creative art and craft. It can be made from desired ornaments such as beads, plastic crystals, threads, weaves, etc. The uniqueness of handmade vase solely depends on the mastery of the craft, level of creativity and knowledge of interior decor aesthetics.