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Enter the den of a lioness



The real reason why Madam Anita Ozidiboh got married to her husband was to use him as her slave or houseboy. She was a very rich and influential woman in society.

Her husband was the person who would do the cooking, the laundry, wash the dirty plates and go on errands for his wealthy wife.

Whatever she said was the command and no refusal from anybody in the household. She was so bossy and authoritarian that she ruled the family like a military dictator.


Ozidiboh himself was a mischievous flirt and notorious Casanova of the highest order. His intention and plans was to kill his rich wife and inherit her vast business empire and wealth.

For the past five years, there was no issue in the relationship, as Anita had made up her mind not to have any children, but to keep enjoying her life.

On a particular Saturday afternoon, Ozidiboh cleverly hatched his plans to kill his wife and poisoned the food he had prepared for her. But it still remained a mystery how Anita knew about this heinous plan.

She gave part of the food to her dog. The dog ate it and instantly died. The next moment, all hell’s fury was let loose, as Anita called the Police to arrest her husband for attempted murder.

Ozidiboh himself was a smart man, as he had sensed danger from afar and escaped from the long arms of the law with one of his young lovers before the Police could arrest him. They eloped to a neighbouring African country. Till today, he is still a wanted man by the Police.

Anita regretted ever marrying him and angrily promised to singlehandedly kill him if she meets him again.
Re: No Second Chance

Dear Segun. No matter how long the night may last, dawn will come. It is not good for parents to take sides with their daughter in choosing a fiancé.

A man suffering today may eat with golden spoon tomorrow. That was what happened between Foluke and Lanre. Great story.
-Alhaji Wola Olayinka, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Dear Segun. The final story of Lanre makes me remember a poem by Oladele Taiwo, entitled, ‘The Shepherd Boy Song.’ I salute and congratulate Lanre for his new way of life. It is an interesting story.


-Emmanuel Olaniyan, Omu Aran, Kwara State.

Re: Accursed Money

Dear Sir. The Biblical prodigal son is better than Ajibola Lawson. The prodigal son wasn’t a thief; he realised himself, repented and came back apologising. May God help Lawson.

-Sunday O. Igwe, Calabar, Cross Rivers State

Dear Segun. Stealing is odious and it is against God and humanity but only few realise this. On my way to the top, I didn’t steal. My boss did his findings and realised I was innocent because I never stole anything from him. But now, I am a king. Glory be to God.
-Simple Esioberhire, Warri, Delta State.

Re: Beyond The Eyes Of Man

Dear Segun. Your above titled story is quite interesting. I sincerely wish we could get someone with that kind of power to deal with these herdsmen. But why can’t the government contact the Atta of Igala to show them the way he dealt with these people in his own domain? Or what do you think?

-Mrs. Adesina, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos State.

Dear Sir. I always enjoy your stories in The Guardian. I learnt a lot reading all your wonderful works every weekend.

Dear Segun. God uses human beings to actualise His works here on earth. Ilemore Ajanaku is among such great people. Lovely story.
-Alhaji Wola Olayinka, Ibadan.

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