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Epileptic power situation: The same problems, complaints and excuses




With successive military and civilian governments in the country till date, Nigerians have continued to experience epileptic power supply.

This is despite the huge sums of public funds that successive governments have spent on it and various reforms introduced.

Not even the privatisation of the sector for almost three years now, an idea which the promoters adduced would permanently solve the perennial problems bedeviling the sector, has provided the expected solution. It is obvious that the consistent epileptic power situation for decades now has immensely affected the country’s economy.

While many business outfits and industries have closed down, some have since relocated to neighbouring countries and some investors who are willing to invest in the country are being discouraged by the situation. Those who managed to do business in this situation are bitterly and incessantly complaining of the high cost of production.

Even in the face of the precarious situation, the Discos have continued to issue Nigerians with high electricity bills on a monthly basis, arguing that the problems are not their making.

Recently, for the first time in the history of the sector’s problems, the generation capacity grounded to zero level, thereby throwing the entire country into total darkness for days. So annoying was the fact that the ugly incident occurred at the peak of the perennial fuel scarcity that has continued to linger for weeks now. It was a situation like never before in the country as Nigerians for weeks wailed, complained, suffered and were exploited as they searched for source or means of power supply, not only for their offices, but their homes.

It was expected that the power situation could improve with the coming of the present government, though many may say it is too early to conclude, there is every indication that there may be no light at the end of the tunnel soon.

From the consumers to Discos, Gencos, regulatory agency and the government, it is still the same age-long problems, complaints, and excuses. Problems ranging from pipeline vandalism, low generation, poor distribution capacity, over- billings, lack of gas, poor funding, lack of technical know-how sabotage, poor revenue generation, corruption and others.

Will solution ever be found for these lingering issues so that Nigerians can once enjoy steady power supply? Only time will tell as Nigerians continue to live on the expectations for an improved power supply.

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  • Joseph Onipede Adunse

    The excuses should stop in my opinion forthwith. What Nigerians expect and deserve is the plan to fix the challenges.

    • DrPak

      There are many plans but none seriously takes charge of the problem….the major factors hindering progress are twofold:
      A) The country must start seeing the issue from a segmented rather than a national problem…instead of a national grid we must deconcentrate power supply regionally and use the economy of scale in each regional segment to liberalise input from small diverse embedded generators into each regional grid.

      B) We must outline a goal-setting target of predicatable supply to each regional grid for those in charge of each…we start by asking them for a plan that gurantees a minimum of 8hrs power supply to business and industrial areas from 7am to 3pm and residential areas from 7pm to 3am…improvements by 2hrs every 6months in this pattern until 18hrs is attained in the first 3yrs …then a new target for another 3yrs. This way we take charge of the issue as a technical scientific problem that is predictable and minimizes uncertainty in power supply.

      Under such a plan businesses and residents can reasonably make power augmentation plans and everyone will maximize inputs efficiently

  • Daniel

    The political structure of Nigeria cannot lead her to development. Electricity is not rocket science.