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Experts identify talent management as key for productivity in workplace

By Ngozi Egenuka
10 August 2019   |   4:08 am
Experts have identified talent management as the key to enhance productivity in the work place. This formed part of resolutions from the African Talent...

Experts have identified talent management as the key to enhance productivity in the workplace. This formed part of resolutions from the African Talent Company (TATC) event held in Lagos, in partnership with Talent Print. The workshop, which focused on hiring managers, gathered experts to discuss approaches and share techniques they have successfully applied in Human Resources (HR) and business challenges.

Speaking at the event, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jobberman Nigeria, Hilda Kragha, said a company should work with favorable systems and measures that encourage its talents. She said key employees could be identified by the value they bring.

In rewarding performance, Kragha noted that Human Resource managers need to make a decision on what motivates the individuals so the scheme could be tailored to fit them.

On the issue of age difference in the workspace, Kragha said organisations need to look for leaders with high level of emotional intelligence, who see the growth of the company as paramount.

Speaking at the event, Managing Partner of TATC, Heather O’Shea stressed the need for transparency and a working strategy for succession to future proof an organisation. She noted that the program was birthed from client’s inquiry on talent management and solving challenges faced in the workspace.

Chief People Officer for Gokada, Taiwo Ajayi, noted that getting the right people in the right roles and the ability to retain employees amidst competition has been the biggest challenge.

She emphasised the need for employers to develop potentials and performers within their firms, adding that succession should be based on merit and not nepotism.

On strategy for succession, she explained that coaching should be an organisational skill not restricted to HR, adding that there’s need for proper documentation and relationship building.

Global Director, PeopleTree Group, Martin Sutherland, said in the coming years, technology would have significantly shifted the number of humans required to work but it would allow focused result from humans.

He adviced HR practitioners to know their employees by becoming more data focused.