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Herbert & Hana: Standing for love, value, care


Over time, Herbert and Hana has created a brand statement of self actualization, self awareness and self love; recognise and resonate with every urbane African dealings, including the pressures and fantasies of city life.

The brand has made a statement of love, founded on value, reciprocity, care and also believes in standing as a conduit for people to show and receive love; believing that the brand has created expression channels to help people declare how deserving their significant other is.

This is a complete unisex fashion brand that balances out focus and investment on self, with valuable investment of the significant other.


Herbert is self sufficient, self loving and self aware, and will go to any length to find and reward himself with things he deserves. Same is true of Hana, the city girl that believes she deserves everything the world has to offer. Together Herbert and Hana is a pair that loves deeply and is not afraid to show it.

The logo is a custom made typography design, where the brand icon is a stylized rendition of the brand name. It speaks to the brand’s focus on the Herberts and Hanas that will shop on their platforms, engage in their communities and be part of an unfolding story.

Herbert and Hana also highlights the power of self awareness and love. As it takes the form of a signature to close a personal note to self and sign off on public notice of love.

The character of the logo typography embodies the prestige, elegance and class the brand will be known for.

Having chosen two colours, black and white as the brand’s official colours, both embodies all the other colours.

In terms of light frequencies, white is the presence of all colours. Meanwhile, if you consider colour in terms of physical pigments, black becomes the presence of all colours. This colour narrative naturally fits the brand as it promise to deliver all their client deserves.

Herbert and Hana promises to grow her craft and expand her vision always till they are the go-to brand for everything and every time style, lifestyle and fashion are thought about.

The brand has a hungry team, armed with the core value of family hood, which is expressed in care, love and giving. They are also clad with the values of excellence, delivery and creativity.


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