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Regal in Senator suit


The Senator suit is simply classy. This attractive native wear, mainly worn by men, is a smart and sophisticated option to the Western suit for those desiring the African look, as it is worn mostly at formal occasions. And the designers are getting more creative and versatile in their handling of the attire. Little wonder it has become a staple in the wardrobe of fashionable men that want to make sartorial statement. The Senator suit easily gives that distinguished and suave look to the wearer.

Interestingly, gone are the days Senator suit is seen as only a man’s outfit. Nigerian designers have succeeded in persuading the women to also embrace the suit. Senator outfits can be worn to any occasion.

Managing director/creative head of Asandrea Fashion, Tochukwu Michael Tochukwu, said a well-tailored Senator suit makes the wearer stand out in the crowd.

He said: “While there are several Senator styles to pick from, the individual’s personal taste will determine which design to go for. Also, there are many designs available to give individuals the desired appearance. When we came up with the idea of creating native with foreign fabrics like tensile, canali and cashmere, among others, we needed a name that will make Nigerians to accept it. So, we named it Senator Suit (Nigeria’s own suit). Before we knew it, the name went viral and people began to accept it.”


Tochuckwu explained that Senator suit is made with foreign fabric. “We sew the outfit to be fitted and smart. Men love the Senator suit because it makes them look simple and stylish at the same time. Aside giving them a unique look, Nigerian women also look sassy in this outfit. It is not only a Nigerian outfit, as it has now become a global outfit. The world is beginning to appreciate it.

“Women will look lovely in bright colours, such as yellow, mint green and other nice colours. Paired with nice flat pumps, sandals or heels, the suit bestows that sleek, sophisticated look. Ladies can also combine colours, but it is paramount that one picks colour combinations that will emphasise one’s beauty and personal style. For that distinct look, ladies can wear a nice hat or a stylish turban with the Senator suit,” he said.

For that fabulous and good look, the designer advises men to always pair their Senator suits with good shoes, sandals or even palm slippers.

“The Nigerian native hat has a way of making it stand out. It is important to always use quality fabric to sew the suit. This is what we do. A quality fabric will give it a distinctive aura, especially when properly ironed. Don’t forget to always go for colours that suit your skin tone,” he said.


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