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Stuck at home? Don’t allow your skin, hair suffer neglect


A Lockdown is not an easy thing to go through and we can either accept or resist it but we can all agree that accepting it is the best way forward. Everyone is locked up at home now and thinking of ways to kill boredom and if you want to uplift your mood easily, the simplest thing you can do is look after yourself. Everyone knows skin and hair take a beating due to the decreased physical activity. The body is energised by getting out of the house and indulging in physical activities and that’s how the metabolism also remains good. But there can be stiffness in the body due to lack of activity, which could in turn make the skin and hair dull.

We have seen many people on social media do the #beautyrush challenge and that’s a fantastic way to look after yourself. Being stuck at home does come with a silver lining as you now have more time on your hands to look after yourself and practice self-care.  

It’s a great time to change up what you’re applying on your face and body every morning and evening, and to try something new. Ask yourself what does your skin really need right now? Hydration? A deep cleanse? Anti-ageing boost? Then, adapt your products accordingly while indulging in some self-care.  
Consider scent too. A citrus-based cleanser will refresh and awaken your face and boost your mood, while a rose face oil will comfort and nurture your skin and your mind. Transport yourself to happier times with the power of smell. It will do wonders for your overall wellbeing and will help to keep anxiety levels low. Here’s your ultimate guide to looking after yourself during this lockdown.


What can I do about the dry skin on my hands?
With so much hand-washing and using hand sanitisers, the skin on our hands needs far more attention than usual. You can apply a thick layer of skin regenerating hand cream and pop some cotton gloves on top and leave on overnight. If you don’t have any hand cream, try olive oil.

Move your body for that glow
If you don’t want your metabolism affected due to lack of physical activity, start taking the stairs. If you like to dance, then simply groove to your favourite song. This will keep your hair and skin both in good shape. Try and indulge in your favourite activity for 20 minutes every morning, afternoon and evening. This will also help in the circulation of antioxidants in the body.


Reduce processed food Intake
Processed food is not good for the skin. It has a bad effect on both body and skin when physical activities are reduced. The less processed food you take, the better for you. During this time, take more fruit juice and coconut water as opposed to alcohol. Eat fresh vegetables, fruits and salads as much as you can. Eat light food with fewer spices, and watch your skin and body glow.

Use natural ingredients for skin care
During this time, it would be better to use natural products for skin care instead of readymade cosmetics. If you want, you can use the cucumber, tomato and potato mash up. Wash and grind all three together in a grinder and apply on your face. You can freeze this mixture and when you start your workout in the morning, apply it on your face, let it dry and then wash it. This will keep the skin glowing even without a professional facial.

Get rid of dead skin
As the weather is dry, add half a teaspoon of semolina to one teaspoon of gram flour and make your skin glow. If there is bran at home, add half a teaspoon of bran. If your skin is oily, then add rose water to this mixture. If your skin is normal, then add curd and if your skin is very dry, prepare a pack with mustard oil. Keep the ingredients different according to the skin type, but gram flour and semolina will remain as the two main ingredients. Keep the ratio of gram flour and semolina 2: 1, which means if taking 2 spoons of gram flour, take one spoon of semolina. Apply this pack on your entire body before taking a bath and just scrub it all the way before washing off. This will not only improve your blood circulation but also remove dead skin.Most importantly, stay indoors; keep on washing your hands regularly and using a sanitizer.


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