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Stuck in a rut?


Combine Colours Like A Pro

So you open your wardrobe and realise you have either a mess of colours or a lot of same colour outfits. You kept reminding yourself that you would buy a black top to go with the mustard yellow skirt that has been in your wardrobe since forever but you never did and now it is just sitting down there staring back at you anytime you open your wardrobe.


Don’t worry, almost everyone faces this problem but the good news is that there are sure-fire ways to go about combining colours or colour blocking like the fashion pros.

There are a thousand and one articles on the internet on how to combine colours and still make it look good but to save you the time here are four essential colour blocking style tips you need to know.

Stick with monochromes
Maybe your favourite colours are blue and pink and you feel at most in your comfort zone with them. Do you realize you can actually get away with wearing just those two colours without looking strange? You can either wear suit pieces in those colours or you can put together different shades of that colour. It could be your dark pink skirt with a baby pink blouse today or a powder blue shirt tomorrow over navy blue skirt you have.


Mix and match primary colours
Remember your primary colours? Blue, yellow and red? Did you know that combining these colours could absolutely make you look chic? So don’t be afraid to wear your yellow blouse over red office pants. Get creative with those colourful pieces you have!

Try Contrasting Colours
Are you familiar with the colour wheel? If you are not, this is the time for both of you to become very close friends. Contrasting colours are colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Wear your yellow pieces with your violet pieces and your blue outfits with your red outfits.

Go Analogue Or Go Home
Still, on the colour wheel, colours that are right beside each other complement each other. So wear your pinks with your reds and your yellows with your greens.

Whatever you wear, wear with confidence. And always remember, fashion is all about stepping out of your comfort zone so never be afraid to try new things.


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