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Sweetfola Couture London: Why I titled my first collection ‘Strong Women’ , says Adefowope

By Guardian Nigeria
21 October 2022   |   2:35 am
The Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sweetfola Couture London,Fola Adefowope has explained the reason behind the theme of her debut collection 'Strong Women'.

The Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sweetfola Couture London,Fola Adefowope has explained the reason behind the theme of her debut collection ‘Strong Women’.

The label is a specialised women’s luxury couture with focus on classic and timeless clothier products for strong women.

During an interview recently with the London based designer, she said her personal experience birthed the creation, adding that it represents resilience women like her all over the globe.

She said: “My collection Sweetfola Couture represents who I am and I came out strongly. It also represents strong women of ideology and great character. Women who never give up on their dreams, confident and an achievers who stood in the storm and the wind did not blow.

“The strong woman is also the one who walks with purpose and doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities. Here is to strong women, may we know them, may we be them and may we raise them,” Ade

The fabulous maiden Spring – Summer 2016 collection was showcased at the
London Graduation Fashion Week 2017/2018 Runway and the British Vogue Magazine.

The ‘Strong Women’collections was rated the most elegant and well-tailored collection of the week.

She said her collections were expressed in London in calm with transparent chic style, urban style, modern and contemporary designs.

“The hour glass dress inspired by architectural building around the world, reverencing on how women are structured, love, broken, bend yet still standing.  
The pursuit of sexy women; It’s a celebration of their fearless in pursuit of looking sexy and still looks so glamorous and the freedom to be free while looking sophisticated in beaded dress and luxurious fur cape. Introducing the evening sexy wear midi dress inspired by romantic memories, which re-interpreted, in the mixed fabric luxurious Fur and spacer fabric.”

Explaining the cost of her collections, Adefowope said streetwear fashion is a bit highly expensive and doesn’t focus on movement of fad, “this has given birth to the collection fabric choice, black and white; luxurious fur, beaded organza, wool and polyester.”

“I want all the strong women to feel the feeling of being loved when wearing each piece ‘STRONG WOMEN’ colour range, bright red and fuchsia floor – sweeping gowns presented an interesting contrast of sporty fabrics and scuba cuts with evening attire merged my signature style and innovation and confidence,” she said.

On what motivated her venturing into fashion designing, she said that it was an innate gift, “I think I was born with the need to make things naturally. Designing and creating is something I’ve always been doing since my early life. Fashion is my passion; I enjoyed the experience of giving a new life to the fabrics, playing with plastics and metals and reviving old into new ones.”

She hinted that her designs first come to her like a flash before embarking on the design process.

“Most time the design will appear to me like a flash, I will then sketch the design out.  I will then scout for fabric shopping from lightweight to heavy weight in different colors, I will bring it all to my studio and play around with fabrics for few days on mannequins to see which ones works or not before commencing the design.

Born in Nigeria, Adefowope graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife, Nigeria in 2000. She is a British trained fashion designer and graduate of University of East London, England, 2016.

She also studied BTEC LEVEL 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design in 2010 and Fashion Clothing in 2012 at Greenwich Community College London.