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Plants for interior decor

By Sereba Agiobu-Kemmer
05 November 2016   |   2:24 am
Decorating interior spaces (which includes the home, office, shade garden, patio and balcony) with plants is a good idea -to fill the spaces, in which you can relax and feel good. Always include a generous helping of plants....

Decorating interior spaces (which includes the home, office, shade garden, patio and balcony) with plants is a good idea -to fill the spaces, in which you can relax and feel good. Always include a generous helping of plants to compliment your indoor décor in both home and offices. They make, bold dramatic colorful eye-catching points of interest, in addition to being air-purifiers. Here are some favorites.

Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae)
Tillandsias are Bromeliads, or plants that belong to the family Bromeliaceae. They are distinguished by their bold, usually rosette foliage and showy flowers. Although many are epiphytes, or ‘Air plants’ (absorbing their food through moisture in the atmosphere and not from the host on which they grow). Though they are suitable for the outdoor garden, they will grow happily in indoor space, with high humidity.

Bromelia (Bromeliaceae)
This genus, also known as ‘Pineapple plants’ are grown for their overall appearance. You will love how these plants reveal ‘secrets’ of the tropical rain forests into indoor spaces.

Dracaena (Agavaceae)
Is a gem of evergreen trees and shrubs grown for their foliage and overall appearance. They are popular houseplants because they are easy to grow and lend a fine texture to indoor spaces. Look for D. marginata (Madagascar dragon tree), which are slow growing evergreen erect shrub or tree. D. marginata ‘Tricolor’ leaves are narrowly strap-shaped cream-striped, rich green leaves prominently edge with red. D. sanderina (Ribbon plant) is evergreen upright shrub with seldom branching, cane-like stems. Lance shaped leaves are pale to grey-green with bold, creamy-white edges.

Dracaena Marginata ‘Tricolor’
Dracaenae marginata ‘Tricolor’ or Dracaenae ‘Red- Edge’ is a durable and very versatile plant with it has palm-like appearance and fits in nicely with any décor needing a splash of color. The red to almost purple edges of this plant will liven up any space. It comes in many forms but the staggered form offers the best in character for those looking for a focal point.

Anthurium (Araceae)
A Genus of evergreen, erect, climbing or trailing perennials, some grown for their foliage and others for their bright flower spathes. Prefer indirect sun and humid atmosphere and moist but not waterlogged, peaty soil. Anthurium brightens any space in lively tropical style with lush foliage and colorful flower spathes.

A. andraeanum (tail flowers) has long-stalked, oval leaves with heart-shaped base, are 20cm (8in) long. Has long lasting, bright red spathes with yellow spadices. Height 60-7cm (24-30in), spread 50cm (20in).

A. Cryptallinum (Crystal anthurium) is evergreen tufted perennial with long, velvety, dark green leaves, which are distinctively pale green-to-white-veined. Has long- lasting, red-tinged, green spathes. Height to 75cm (21/2 ft) spread to 60cm (2ft)

A. ‘Rothschildianum, evergreen, erect short-stemmed perennial; height and spread 30cm (12 in). Produces upright, oblong leaves, to 20cm (8 in) long. Intermittently bears a long –lasting, red spathe, spotted with white that surrounds a yellow spadix.

A. Scherzerianum (Flamingo flower) is tufted perennial with erect, Leathery, dark green leaves to 20cm (8 in) long. Has large, long-lasting, bright red spathes with fleshy, orange to yellow spadices. Height and spread 30-60cm (12-24 in ).

A. veitchii (King Anthurium) is erect short-stemmed perennial, height 1 m (3 ft). Has corrugated leaves up to 1m long, are oval, with heart –shaped bases on 60cm -1m (2-3 ft.) long leaf stalks. Intermittently bears a long lasting leathery, green to white spathe that surrounds a cream spadix.

“Peace Lily” (Spathiphyllum ‘Mauna Loa’)
Is a highly adaptable plant. It can be placed in either areas of low or bright indirect sunlight. The Peace lily’s large ‘Fishbone like’ leaves add interest and texture to any room it occupies when fully matured, the Peace lily will flower and large spathes will crown this plant. Due to it shorter stature the Peace lily makes a lovely centerpiece for a dinning room table or sideboard.
Caladiums (Araceae) ‘Angel Wings’

Genus of perennials with tubers from which arise long-stalked, ornamental leaves. Caladiums foliage look spectacular and are a top pick. The standard Caladium varieties grow 18-24 inches tall;
Dwarfs grow 8-10 inches tall.

C. x hortulanum (angels’ wing) ‘Candidum’ is tufted perennial height and spread 3ft. with triangular, green-veined, white leaves, (18in)longs have arrow – shaped bases and long leaf stalks. Intermittently bears white spathes, small flower clustered on spadix sometimes produce whitish berries. ‘John Read’ has purple stems and waxy, green leaf with metallic orange-red centers and scarlet veins. ‘Pink cloud’ has large dark green leaves with the central areas mottled pink and pink to white areas along the veins ‘pink beauty’ has long-stalked triangular, pink mottled, green leaves, up to 18in long with darker pink veins. It bears white spathes. Height and spread 3ft. Caladium are shade lovers.
Snake Plant (Sanseviera, Agavaceae)

Genus of evergreen stemless rhizomatous perennial grown for their lovely rosettes of stiff fleshy green leaves banded horizontally in shape of silver and gold. The old fashioned variety S. cylindrica, S. trifasciata laurentii (mother-in-law-tongue) are tall 1½ to 4ft height and spread 4in.

The newer variety stay shorter like S. trifasciata ‘Hahnii ‘leaves are banded horizontally with silver or pale white, while golden ‘Hahnii’ leaves have yellow borders. The height is 6in – 12in, and spread 4inches, they are exceeding slow to grow. The Snake plant is famous for being able to grow just anywhere and under a wide variety of conditions. It tolerates sun and shade and easy to grow in most soil conditions if not over watered.

It will withstand long periods without watering. It will withstand draught, dry air, hardly needs repotting and looks lovely. It’s a perfect plant for about any condition, but prefer a medium bright spot with regular watering. It’s low maintenance. Just don’t let the soil dry out completely. Easy to propagate, simply cut of a pportion of the leaf and stick it in compost. It will soon root, and new leaves will begin to appear. A perfect plant for beginners.

Green and colorful plants are terrific addition that can transform interior spaces, gardens and offices and you can select plant to complement the visual design scheme of your living spaces. They not only add life and interest, many are low maintenance and they help clean your indoor air.House plants are accessories that should be included in all designs for living space.

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