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Gun, money and blood



Help! Help! Help!” the pregnant young lady screamed at the top of her voice as her handbag was forcefully snatched from her arm.

In spite of her condition, she ran effortlessly after the fleeing thief, who had manoeuvered, his motorcycle deftly and vanished out of sight.

“Help! Ole! Thief!” the pregnant woman continued to scream in tears and pains.


The shock and loss she just suffered was too much for her feeble and weak frame to bear.

She collapsed and fainted, writhing in spasmodic pains and agony.

Inside her bag was about N200, 000 she had just collected from the bank, which she intended to use for a profitable trade.

Passersby and sympathisers rallied round the woman, trying to resuscitate and placate her.

Ten minutes later, she regained consciousness and disclosed her identity- her name, her business and other things.

As she spoke in tears, she gasped for breath at intervals.

She sighed and sighed, bemoaning her plight and condition, with bruises all over her arm.

“Haa! Almighty God!” Mrs. Adeolu exclaimed in tears.


“Where am I going to start from? The money in that bag is my life savings.

I have toiled day and night, in the sun and rain to save this money. Why must this happen to me in this condition?

“I’ll die here than leave this place…Let me die here, please. I am ready to die.”

She continued to wail and murmur heartrending phrases, much to the sympathy of people.

This and many more were some of the bad acts and heinous escapades of Yekini, alias Killango, the young man who took delight in seeing people cry.

Yekini was the ultimate robber or the modern day thief, nicknamed Killango by his peers in the nefarious and cruel business.

Whenever he struck, people shed tears of sorrow. He was tall, dark and muscular, with an unusual evil look on his face.

Everything about him was plain heartlessness and wickedness. He could be called the king of all terrible and wicked characters.

Naturally, Yekini was truly wicked. He ran away from home at the tender age of 10 to wallow in crime.


Then, he started living at motor parks, sleeping inside buses and makeshift shops. That was many years ago.

Killango had graduated from the crime school and became a kingpin, always excited to see his victims cry. He reaped where he didn’t sow.

He was also a master gambler and could stake N5million at once in a gambling deal.

He had strange marks on his body; like broken bottle scars, knife scars, punch marks and tattoo marks.

He had a hard and guttural voice that could melt a heart of steel.

His eyes were merciless like those of a wounded lion or a rabid dog.

At times, Yekini claimed the lives of his victims, whenever he was bloodthirsty.

He always brandished an AK-47 rifle and would pump volleys of bullets into his unlucky victims, dispossess them of their valuables and disappear like a ghost.

Yekini patronised herbalists and medicine men to get fetish powers and magic to charm his victims before dispossessing them of their valuables.

He showed no mercy in his operations and would laugh raucously while his victims wallow in sorrowful tears.

(To be continued next week Saturday)

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