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Importance of a wedding budget – Part 2


Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

Thank you, dear reader, for joining us again today. Last week, we looked at how important it is to have a budget in place before you commence planning for your wedding.

We also talked about how to arrive at the funds that will be available for your event, and lastly, we promised to tell you how to disburse the available funds, how much to spend on what item and the items that make a wedding list.

These are what we will be looking at shortly.

Think About The Kind Of Wedding You Want To Have
This certainly is one very important parts of your wedding plan that shouldn’t be left out. Do you and your partner want a picnic in a park, an intimate urban party or a huge societal wedding with all your friends and family?

You should determine the general feel you want for your wedding. Think about the look, the style, the people and the emotions, all the pieces that will make your wedding unique to the two of you.

Would you want a “low-key, with a relaxed upbeat dance party and a family-style dinner that feels casual, but fancy-ish?” Or would yours be “a high profile wedding, in a large hall, with a crowd of friends and families, with high profile musicians at their best and a lot to eat and drink?”

To help you determine your wedding style, we have designed a wedding questionnaire. Please contact us to access it.

Now that you have defined your wedding style, you are then ready to determine the number of guests you want to invite. This will in turn, let you know how many invitation cards to print, what kind and size of venue to rent, what kind of music to have and so on.

I will like to stress it at this point, however, that it is very possible for you to have a perfect wedding on whatever budget you have.

The next advisable thing to do is for you and your partner to each pick your top three priorities for the wedding day. Having this shortlist of priorities is just a good idea, so that you can focus a little more money or time or energy on the things that are most important to the two of you.

I recommend making these lists separately and then sitting down together to harmonise your desires. You don’t want to be tempted to write down the same things your partner wrote down. It is better to have an honest idea of your priorities.

Estimate, Get Real, Evaluate And Create
Lastly, you will need to put an amount in front of all the items and budget elements that will make up your wedding to have an estimate of what your event will cost.

I have created a template for you to use when building a budget for your wedding. It is important to note, however, that there is absolutely no way to create a wedding budget worksheet that fits every wedding. So, you will just adjust them to fit your priorities and your event.

Now that you have an idea of how much money you will spend, a vision of what your wedding might look and feel like and a starting number of guests, it is time to start finding out if it is all possible.

The unfair truth about weddings (and money in general) is that sometimes, the things we wish would work, just won’t. This is the “getting real” phase.

If your original plans and your numbers don’t match after doing some quick research, take some time to re-evaluate. Can you spend more money to make your ideal wedding happen? (And more importantly, do you want to?).

Can you change the type of venue or overall look and feel of your wedding to make it fit your budget? Can you reduce your guest number? Can you even remove some elements to save some money?

While there are always ways to save money, if your budget and your vision are in direct contradiction, you have to find ways to level out the plan.

We do sincerely hope that you find this article very helpful. Remember again that it is very possible to have a perfect wedding for you with whatever money you have and without having to break a bank.

You may also want to invite us to plan your wedding for you. We will gladly do, no matter what your budget is, we know just how to create your perfect wedding.

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