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Improve home décor with stylish shelving units


Shelving units are becoming increasingly popular and the simplicity and minimalism of modern and contemporary interior designs are starting to make us aware of their importance and usefulness. They allow the space to look and feel open while offering the much-needed storage space for things like books, collectibles and other objects. Every room of the house could use a shelving unit. In the kitchen, for example, you could use one to store and display things like spices, glasses, kitchen utensils, plates and pots and pans.

Unlike closed cabinets and wall units, shelves have a lightweight and delicate appearance, maintaining a feeling of spaciousness and openness. Wall shelves are also very versatile and can take a multitude of forms.

A lot of contemporary interiors play with geometric shapes and patterns these days. When function prevails, shelving units are designed to offer as much storage as possible in the most simple and accessible way. Of course, this doesn’t completely neglect style. Such a unit can include industrial features, which allow it to become a beautiful addition to a lot of interior designs. A shelving unit can look interesting in a variety of different ways. Something as simple as a slightly tilted line can change its entire look. Also, a combination of colors can make a design stand out more compared to one that is monochromatic and neutral.


Freestanding shelving units can also function as space dividers. For example, use one as a separator between the bedroom and bathroom in the case of an open en-suite or as a divider between the living space and dining area. Either way, you can make both spaces look fresh and welcoming, giving them a plus of privacy and style. It can also be used to complement a green wall, whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor feature. The open shelves allow the greenery to remain visible and can even provide surfaces for displaying potted plants, vases and other decorations. In some cases, it can also be interesting to add some accent lighting to highlight the corner shelves.

Also, some shelving units are designed to sit on the floor while others can be mounted on the wall. The latter option is more suitable for spaces with high ceilings. They allow you to have the unit placed at the center of the wall or in a way that makes it look proportional with the rest of the space.

When selecting a shelving unit, think of the things you want to store on its shelves. If you want it for your book collection then a basic design with compartments that are all the same size and shape would do. In other cases a design that’s a bit more flexible works best, allowing a variety of items to be stored and displayed.

Choosing shelving that has a nice design for the space you have in mind is only the first step. After that, you have to figure out how to decorate it so it looks good without being too striking. If the shelves are already eye-catching, it’s best to keep things simple and just display a few books in a casual manner. Individual shelves or cubbies offer more freedom. You can have them each placed at the exact desired height and in a particular spot and they can all interact with each other in various ways. Also, each individual shelf can have unique particularities such as a unique shape or a combination of colors different from the others.

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