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Kolade, Azeez task youths on national development

By Kehinde Olatunji
04 November 2017   |   3:44 am
Nigeria’s former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Dr. Christopher Kolade Has tasked youths in diaspora to rise up and take responsibility to create the country they desire.

Nigeria’s former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Dr. Christopher Kolade Has tasked youths in diaspora to rise up and take responsibility to create the country they desire.

He noted that an individual approach should be given to the challenges that is confronting the nation adding that everybody should be involved.

Kolade spoke yesterday at the a youth leadership conference tagged: “The Task Ahead: for Today’s Youth” organised by Mind to Mind initiative Africa, held at University of Lagos, Akoka.

According to him everyone has the inbuilt ability to create the change they desire. He said: “One of the things you have got to understand is that until you know who you are, your weaknesses you cannot participate in this task ahead.

Don’t believe it when they tell you that this problems and challenges are for the government to solve but rather it is for all of us, we all have the responsibility.

“God sent Adam to the garden of Eden and He told him to take care of it, that is the responsibility that God has given to all of us, we are Nigerians we have to take care of our nation.”

The elder statesman stated that the second stanza of the country’s national anthem depict what God wants for our nation, adding that according to what is written there we also have roles to play.

“The anthem says God should direct our noble cause, guide our leaders right and help our youths the truth to know and in love and honesty to grow, and so on. The noble cause is to build a nation where peace and justice will reign, that is our responsibility. Good moral standard is key in seeing a great nation. One person cannot build the nation.”

Deputy Country Head, Deutsche Bank, Mrs Adeola Azeez in her address tasked the youths to endeavour to nurture love in their hearts for the nation coupled with the right mindset.

“You must begin to have a paradigm shift. A key way to know the future of any nation is by reading the minds of its youths. Bad governance may have poisoned you mind and distorted your views about life and success but you must from today begin to have a renewed mind set.

“A good way to achieve this is to have the right role models and expose yourself to the right values through the books you read and what you watch on television. Despite what may be prevalent in society, choose to be a person who will uphold strong values; values such as integrity, diligence and unflinching patriotism.”

Azeez also encouraged the youths to become an embodiment of the Nigeria that they want to see by practicing what they preach adding that corruption is not just practised by those in government and it doesn’t happen overnight.

“It starts with little lies and manipulations. You must avoid such things. Don’t cheat in your examinations, don’t try to find illegitimate mean to achieve your goals, don’t pay a bribe just to get what you want, you must pay the price of success by studying hard, work hard and influence your peers to do the right thing.

“With technology, you have access to information. You can accomplish much more with little time. You can engage with leaders around the world on social media. Use technology to improve yourself. Don’t be one of those people that constantly abuse those in positions of power on social media. A man or woman going somewhere will not be found being disrespectful and exchanging insults on social media.” She said.

The convener of the event, Amechi said “There are so many task ahead to every youths in the country and we need to take it bit by bit and that is why I wrote the book, “ Nigeria, change begins in your mind.” We need to catch them young to have a better nation.”