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Lasisi Elenu: I am excited for keeping people entertained

By Ijeoma Thomas-Odia
27 November 2021   |   2:21 am
Nosa Afolabi, popularly known as Lasisi Elenu, is a comedian, actor, compere and musician. He is one of Africa’s popular influencers and known for his skits with a ‘wide-mouth’ disguise filter.

Lasisi Elenu

Nosa Afolabi, popularly known as Lasisi Elenu, is a comedian, actor, compere and musician. He is one of Africa’s popular influencers and known for his skits with a ‘wide-mouth’ disguise filter. A native of Offa in Kwara State, he is a graduate of Health Promotion and Environmental Health Education from the University of Ilorin. Elenu recently featured in Netflix thriller, The Ghost and the Tout.
In 2018, he was nominated for The Future Awards Africa Prize for Comedy and in 2020, he was named one of the Top 25 Under-30 Nigerian Superstars. His skits focus on varying themes from law to cybercrime, economy, insecurity and philosophy. He started out as a musician before diverting to the business of comedy. In this interview with IJEOMA THOMAS-ODIA, he shares his passion for comedy.

How are you able to switch characters?
I think it is expected of someone who is an entertainer. Diversity in what you do says a lot about you and the talent you claim to possess. For me, it’s a gift I have and I’m excited to be able to play them well and keep people entertained. People begin to wonder if I’ve ever been a pastor or a mad man.

Have you been criticised for playing the pastor’s role?
I wouldn’t say criticised because I do a lot of research before playing any role. I know the difference between blasphemy and being comical. The stories I tell as a pastor are the truth.

What inspired your YouTube series and are you going to have a second season?
Yeah, the second series is coming out but not just online. It will be on Africa Magic and other terrestrial channels. Initially, it was to test the waters and see how people would accept it and it went well because it reminded people of memories they had growing up.

What would you say about the impact skit makers are making in the comedy industry and generally?
I think it is great, amazing and should not be undermined in any way because it’s a lot of creativity to get a skit done. It takes a lot of thinking, hard work and not anybody can wake up to be a skit maker. A simple skit can be done four or five times and before you know it, it begins to take a toll on you. It is like being in the government house where a lot is expected from you; a lot of pressures are usually mounted.

Before you got to this stage, was there a time when you wanted to give up?
Of course, I don’t think even the greatest mind didn’t experience getting to their breaking point. I am grateful for the grace of God and my talent as well.

What skit gave you that victory?
That should be my first home video. The one I made about potholes in Nigeria.
I know you have musical talent, I know you rap. Would you consider an EP?
When I get to that point, I’d cross the bridge.

How have you evolved over the years?
Evolving is a key thing we should do as a people be it entertainer or whoever you are. I think over the years I have seen what people want and being able to prioritise these things make exceptions when needed. Again, I understand that doing the same thing over again will bring about less engagement so I have been able to put myself where I would continually be of reach and essence. What I’m doing right now in the movie space, TV shows, just beyond creating contents on social media – all these things are still in the entertainment space but people don’t get to see them often. It is basically about giving them something new.

What’s your style?
I like to see myself as someone who has eyes for great things. I may not be extremely there yet but I see myself as someone who has eyes for nice things.

What’s your favourite local dish?
I love jollof rice

What turns you on or off in people?
I like decent people. For me, first impression matters a lot. How a person dresses, speaks, smells. For me, those are my offs and ons.

What’s your philosophy of life?
Life na Life, live it

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