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29 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (Instant & Non-Drop)

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01 October 2021   |   11:41 pm
Having more engagement on your posts can make them seem more credible. It can improve your chances of getting more exposure and more engagement if your content is quite interesting and good. If you feel that getting more likes can help your case then you can buy Instagram likes. In this list, you can find…

Having more engagement on your posts can make them seem more credible. It can improve your chances of getting more exposure and more engagement if your content is quite interesting and good. If you feel that getting more likes can help your case then you can buy Instagram likes. In this list, you can find the best sites to buy Instagram likes. Many of these sites promise to provide services that you can use to buy real Instagram likes. So, if you are interested in it and want to grow your credibility on Instagram you can check out this list. 

Buy Instagram Likes (Real & Safe)


SocialRush believes that by using social media services you can build your brand and business on social media platforms. It provides services for popular social networking sites. You can get services for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Clubhouse, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch etc. Visit the site to see the full list. The site promises that all the engagements that you buy from it will be of high quality and it also promises to deliver them to you within 72 hours.

You will not have to wait for a long time to get them. There might be cases when the delivery might start pretty soon. You can reach out to customer support regarding this. The services for Instagram start very low at around $1.59. If you want to buy Instagram likes you have to buy a minimum of hundred likes which costs $2. 


If you have little to no knowledge about what makes a good social media marketing strategy then you may want to look at some social media experts. SocialPros is a company that says that you can grow your social media with the help of social media experts. It says that it has skilled people in its team who can support you and get you to reach your full social media potential.

You can promote your account with the help of knowledgeable parties in the social media promotion business. If you want to explode your Instagram profile then the site has the right services for your needs. You can purchase services providing likes, comments, views, and followers for Instagram. To buy Instagram likes the minimum amount you need is $2.5 for 100 likes.


Viralyft knows that when you are looking to find a social media service provider you are looking for quality features. It claims to have many features that might benefit you in your social media marketing. All the services that it lists on the site can be purchased and gained fast. The delivery time for the services has been reduced to save the client’s time. The rates aren’t high.

These competitive rates can fit nicely in your budget. The transactions and data on this site are secured. You won’t face any issues. You will get quality results that won’t hamper or put your account at a risk. These packages are meant to widen your reach and get you more exposure. You can buy real Instagram likes on this site. The prices begin from $2.89 for 100 likes.


Getviral.io is a website that is popular for selling services that can assist with the promotion and marketing on social media platforms. This is a company that has a lot of customers and has been selling social media services for more than 7 years. It has already fulfilled thousands of orders. The company has analysed its customer base and found out that most of the customers are satisfied with the quality of service that they get at this website.

It services a lot of popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok etc. You can buy many services for Instagram here as well. You can buy cheap Instagram likes, followers, auto likes and views. There are various packages for Instagram likes starting from 100 likes for $2.89. Go to the site for more details on the packages.


FollowerPackages sells social media marketing services. This site knows that credibility and social proof is very much required if you want to grow and keep growing on social media platforms. People look at a profile and posts and they see all those metrics which attract them. They like, subscribe, follow etc which grants the influencer more credibility. This then ends up attracting more people to their posts or accounts.

Gaining credibility can lead to this snowball effect. So, if you want to boost yours on any social media platform you can buy social media services from followerpackages.com. The prices may not be cheap but the company promises quality. For $10 you can buy 500 Instagram likes. 


ViewsExpert is another name in the social media marketing industry. It has a lot of services for many platforms that are currently in use all over the world. The list of social media platforms on this site is quite big. You can easily use this site to purchase various services which can help in growing your presence on social media platforms. The way that ViewsExpert offers these stats, is that it utilizes a network of users.

Using this vast network the company is able to deliver the stats to your posts or profile. To buy real Instagram likes on viewsexpert.com you need to at least have $2 since that’s the rate of the base package which gives you 100 likes. The delivery of the service will take anywhere between 1 to 2 days.


If you are looking to get more traffic on social media platforms especially Instagram then you can take a look at SocialPackages.net. This is the site that knows what Instagram users need when they buy social media services. They want real growth delivered to them in the form of likes, views, followers etc. which come from real Instagram users.

The company promises to provide real Instagram growth when you use its services. You can also check out other services for YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and a couple of other major social media platforms. On this site, you will find Instagram likes, views, comments, and followers. If you are looking to buy cheap Instagram likes the minimum quantity to buy is 100. It costs $2.5. The delivery will take 1 to 2 days.


Famoid wants its clients to become famous and wants to help them with its social media services. Even the name of the company means that. It is an amalgamation of two words Famous and oid. Oid in technical terms means object identifier. Thus, it is an object that is going to make you famous. Whether you believe it or not will depend on the quality of the services it provides.

The site claims that it only has good services that can be used to boost credibility on social media. It only supports services for 4 social media platforms. You can get TikTok services, Instagram services, Facebook services, and YouTube services. Let’s look at the price range for Instagram likes. It starts from $2.95 and goes up to $168.95 for 100 to 25k likes respectively. 


Getting a good growth service provider is what a lot of social media users are searching for. They want to buy stats from companies that provide high-quality services without using bots or fakes. The next company on the list, fastlikes.io, promises that if you are looking to buy social media marketing services for Instagram then you won’t be disappointed if you choose its site.

It promises to keep on providing the best services for Instagram to all its clients looking for it. So, if you want an Instagram growth service of high quality that provides real stats you can check out this site. If you just want to boost the likes of your posts then the price starts at $2.89 to get 100 likes. 


Famups knows that a lot of people want to start gaining organic reach which can help them gain some success on social media platforms. This site is confident that its services can help you in gaining organic reach. These services can help you increase your market reputation in less time.

You can buy cheap Instagram likes, followers, and buy YouTube subscribers or SoundCloud followers and other services for different platforms. In total, Famups can hook you up with services for 6 platforms Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Let’s look at the packages for Instagram likes. For $11 you can buy 1000 likes. That’s the starting package here. 


Appsally is our next site on this list of best places to buy Instagram likes. If you want your business to grow using digital marketing and social media promotion then Appsally claims to be the perfect growth weapon for you. It has all kinds of services that can help with growing online. Whether you want good-quality websites, or you want traffic or you want to improve your search engine rankings you will find relevant services here.

The site also provides services for social networking sites. It supports almost all the major social media platforms. You will find many attractive packages and combos for each of the platforms. All the services are provided by top-quality marketers hand-picked by the company. To buy Instagram likes you need to buy 259 likes minimum which costs $18. The site claims that you can buy real Instagram likes from it.


The next site on this list of best sites to buy Instagram likes only provides social media marketing services for Instagram. If Instagram is your social media platform of choice when it comes to promoting or marketing your brand then you can visit this site and take a look at the various services that it provides.

There are three services in total that you can find on this site. You can buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram views or buy Instagram followers. It can help you increase your presence on Instagram. Just pick a package, provide the information and pay for the service and wait for it to reach your account. You can use cards or PayPal to pay for the services. The price of 100 likes on goldstarsocial.com is $3. The delivery time for this service is 1 hour. 


If you want a site that has multiple services for a lot of popular social media platforms then woorke.com can be one site that you can check out. The prices here may not be the cheapest. The company claims that all the services are top-tier and you will get quality stats when you buy from this site.

Tumblr, TikTok, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube are some of the major sites that the company has services for. If you want to buy Instagram likes you will get three packages on this site. The targeted package costs $5.98 for every post and the drip-feed package costs $6.5 and the worldwide package costs $4.99. Contact the site for details on these packages and services. 


The next site on our list is buysocialmediamarketing.com. The name of the site makes it pretty obvious as to what you can expect from it. You can buy a variety of social media services on this site that can assist in your marketing and promotional campaign on social media platforms. So far, the company has services for SoundCloud, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The company serves a multitude of clients worldwide and provides premium social media services. It says that thousands of its clients have already elevated their visibility on social media and you can do so as well by using the services. Let’s look at the starting price of Instagram likes on this site. For $2.49 you can buy 50 Instagram likes.


Looking to take your presence on social media to the next level? BuySocialBuzz feels that its services can help you do that. This is a company that has different packages and services to help with social media marketing. Whether you want to become a popular YouTuber or Instagram influencer or a famous TikToker you will find many services to buy stats for those platforms here.

Currently, the site is offering a 10% discount on its Instagram services. It says that if you want to buy real Instagram likes, views and followers then the services on this website can help you with it. You can buy 100 Instagram likes at just $1.35. The rates are pretty cheap on this site.


Another site on our list of best places to buy Instagram likes that only offers services for Instagram is likes.io. This site has only three services but maybe these are all the services you may need to increase social proof on Instagram. So, you can get likes for Instagram posts, followers for your profile or views for your video posts.

This site also promises that you will be able to buy real Instagram likes from this site. All the services also provide real stats to the clients. All these will help you increase your reach on Instagram and thus, increase your engagement as well. The site takes care of security. You do not have to worry about your account facing any undue risk by using these services. The price for Instagram likes starts at $1.47 for 50 likes.


Anyone who wants their business to grow online needs to improve their search engine rankings. This depends not only on the SEO that you do on your website or eCommerce store but also on your social media presence. If you have a good presence on social media then it can also translate to Google searches. Venium is a site that wants to help improve your Google search ranking.

It claims that all the services that you will need to grow on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are offered on this site. But besides those four platforms, you will find services for TikTok and Spotify as well. Using a combination of premium partnership, sponsored placements, social marketing and premium networks the site helps deliver the results. The rate for Instagram likes is fixed on this site – $4.99 for every 1k likes. The minimum number of likes to buy is 100 and the maximum number is 10k.


Krootez is a site that sells likes, views and followers for Instagram. It only focuses on that particular social media platform. So, if you are looking for a social media service provider that dedicates its focus to Instagram then this is one of the options on this list. The site promises that you can grow and conquer Instagram with the services it sells.

The solutions that it provides are intelligent and can quickly and naturally improve your position. You will receive quality likes, followers and views from Krootez. The site provides a 1 month refill guarantee. It claims that this is more than what other sites provide and they welcome you to check that out. The cost of 20 likes here is $2.49. It is higher than other sites. Krootez claims that here you can buy real Instagram likes. 


The name of the next site may make you guess that it is all about Instagram as well but you will be wrong. Though this site has multiple services for Instagram it also provides a lot of services for many social media platforms. From Twitch to YouTube to Twitter to Pinterest to Clubhouse to TikTok and many more other social media platforms. You can use this site for all kinds of social media marketing services for various platforms.

You can also buy backlinks and use the various free tools that it offers. One can buy high-quality Instagram likes on this site starting from $0.29 for 10 likes. There are also packages for anyone looking to buy real Instagram likes. These start at $1.46 for 50 likes.

Mr. Insta

If you want to use different services for Instagram to improve your presence on that platform and you are searching for a site that offers a multitude of services for Instagram promotion and marketing then you can visit mrinsta.com and take a look at the services that it has to offer. You can buy targeted and organic Instagram growth and buy hashtag research and profile optimization from this site.

There are automatic services and normal services as well. You can even buy followers targeted at the USA and the UK. Besides Instagram, you can buy services for SoundCloud, Spotify, Pinterest, Twitch and Twitter. You can buy Instagram likes from this site. The price starts at $6 for which you will gain 100 likes. Visit the site for more details. 


Trollishly is a brand of another web design and social media marketing company called Rise Up Digital FZE. The company is situated in the UAE. It started in 2019. This company works towards providing essential applications to the industry. There are four platforms that this company targets when it comes to social media services.

These platforms are Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube. The company focuses on providing a sense of trust and building good customer relationships. There are free services for TikTok and Instagram that you can try out and test the services of the company. The packages for Instagram likes starts quite low. For $1 you can buy 100 Instagram likes. For $50 you can get 10k likes. 


Two of the most popular video-sharing platforms other than YouTube are Instagram and TikTok. These sites gain a lot of engagement and are used by millions daily. PlentyGram is a company that has services for TikTok and Instagram. You can buy TikTok followers and views and you can buy Instagram followers, likes and views.

The company claims that using this site you can buy real Instagram likes and other stats. The services start at just $2.99 and you can start noticing the boosts in less than 12 hours. Thus, any kind of social media promotion using social media services can be done by buying services from PlentyGram. The price of 100 likes for Instagram on plentygram.com is $2.99.


Another option to look at if you are looking for the best places to buy IG likes is MediaMister. This site sells social media services and wants to help your business get some boost and gain an edge over the others in the industry. The experts at MediaMister know which services are needed to provide quality social media promotion that can help proactive businesses in gaining success.

Due to the range of packages that it provides the company is able to provide something for businesses with different budget sizes. Doesn’t matter if your business is small or your business is globally recognised using targeted social media enhancement can always help. MediaMister offers a range of services for many social media platforms and even provides services to deliver website traffic. The cheapest package for likes costs $2 for 50 likes. You can buy targeted likes targeting different countries as well.


If you want to grow on Instagram using different social media services then you can find a bunch of them on this site. InstaPalace, as the name of the company suggests, has services for Instagram. If you like sites that can provide instant starts on the delivery of the purchased services then this is one of the sites that promise it.

InstaPalace will start the delivery of your stats in a matter of minutes once you pay for the service. The company promises that all of the orders you place will come with a guarantee. It claims that the likes and followers you buy will not drop. You also get quality customer service. For $1 you can buy 100 likes and for $5 you can buy 500 likes on this site and for 40 bucks you can get 5k likes. 


The next site on our list of best sites to buy Instagram likes is activeig.com. The site claims that its services are real and of high quality. These services can help you get a lot of exposure, reach and recognition on Instagram. You will be able to get viral overnight. The site wants to ensure that your online efforts on sites like Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. gain some quality results.

Thus, it provides social media services that can help you get more engagement and visibility on the platforms. The minimum package for Instagram likes on this site is 100 likes for $2.99. You cannot split these likes. But you do have split options available for bigger packages. You can buy 500 likes for $6.99. You get split options here. 


We are ending the list with a site called QubeViews. This site is for social media users who use or want to grow on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify and Clubhouse. For Instagram, you have four services that this site offers. You can buy Instagram automatic likes, likes, followers and views.

The company promises instant delivery on the services that it offers. So far the site has completed more than 10k orders and has got a lot of satisfaction from its clients. The packages for Instagram likes on QubeViews range from $1.45 to $44.99 for 59 likes to 5k likes respectively. The company guarantees the delivery of these likes. You have the option to split in all the packages except the minimum one. 

Include FAQs Related to Topic

How to Buy Likes for Instagram?

Buying likes for Instagram or any other metrics for any social media platform is very easy. This is the reason why a lot of people have started using these services. They are available everywhere and you don’t need to know a lot in order to use them. 

If you want to know what’s the sequence of steps that you can sort of abide by if you are looking to buy Instagram likes then this section can help. We have lightly brushed over the general steps that one can take to buy Instagram likes.

  • Find A Suitable Site

Yeah, that’s the first step. It’s obvious but this is where most of your time will be spent or rather you should spend a good amount of time finding a good site. There are lots of sites in this market and many of them are looking to take your money and provide bad-quality services.

They don’t even have good customer service and thus, no place to complain or get your problem solved. So, be careful. Choose a site with responsive and helpful customer support and read through the important terms and conditions like the refill guarantee and the refund policy.

  • Select Your Platform

Now, that you have found good service providers the rest steps are going to be very easy. You now have to choose the social media platform. In your case, since you are looking for Instagram likes you have to click on Instagram. 

There are many sites that have services for many social networking sites. To get the services for the platform you are interested in you have to select it. 

  • Choose Your Preferred Service 

Now, that you have clicked on the platform of your choice you can now see a list of services for that platform. 

Since you clicked on Instagram you can see a list of services like buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram views and buy Instagram followers, etc. If you want to buy Instagram likes then you can click on that service and go to the next step. 

  • Decide On a Package and Enter Info

Now, you will be able to see a list of packages that the site offers for the service you have chosen. You need to select the package that suits your budget and marketing strategy. 

Once you have chosen the package, let’s say, for example, 100 likes for Instagram you have to give details as to where you want these likes to be sent. This will generally be the post link. Also, you have to provide your email id if you haven’t already signed up on the site.

  • Pay and Wait

After all this, just the payment remains. Check for the available payment methods on the site before starting the process. If they have the payment method you are comfortable using then you can go ahead. Pay for the service and wait. 

Let the company do all the processing and they will know when the delivery will start. You can also ask customer support for it.

Should I Buy Likes for Instagram?

Social media marketing services that involve buying stats is a strategy that a lot of people have used and are currently using as well. We mentioned in the previous section that this strategy is very easy to use. This is the reason why you see a lot of people using this strategy. After going through the list that we have provided you might be asking yourself as to whether or not you should buy this service.

There isn’t a short answer to this because the efficacy and effectiveness of this strategy depend on the person using it. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You should not only rely on this method. It can become a part of your repertoire along with other tools, strategies, and methods to promote and market on social media platforms. To understand whether you should buy Instagram likes you need to know the pros and cons related to it. So, let’s take a look at them.


The method can be useful for some people which is why it is still so prevalent. Let’s look at some of the advantages of using this method. 

  • High Availability

This method is available very easily. A lot of sites provide services to buy Instagram likes and other engagement. So, you won’t have any trouble finding a service provider. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people prefer to try out this method.

  • Very Easy to Use

Another benefit of this strategy is that it is not complicated. You don’t have to go through any confusing steps to get what you want. You literally just have to choose the service you would like to have, pay for it and wait. That’s it. 

  • Very Cheap

Though there are companies that provide expensive social media services you will easily find a lot of service providers that have cheaper rates. 

You don’t have to spend more than a few bucks to gain decent quantities of stats. Go through our list and find the starting price for Instagram likes for all the sites. You will see that the rates are quite low.

  • Very Quick

Most of the companies that sell these services provide quick delivery. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of people buy these stats. 

You can save a bunch of time and get a lot of vanity metrics to give your post or profile a more appealing aesthetic. You get a quick boost to your credibility on social media platforms.


There are some cons of this method as well which is why not everyone uses it.

  • Scammers

This is one of the biggest cons of using this strategy. Since people are desperate to grow on social media there are people who want to take advantage of that and make a quick buck. They scam people and provide bad services and don’t have decent customer support to help them. 

  • Bots

Most companies that provide these services generate accounts using computers and then deliver the stats using these accounts. These accounts are banned and deleted by social media platforms and once they delete these accounts, the number of likes, followers, etc. that you bought will decrease drastically. 

  • Negative Connotation

The general outlook towards these services is negative. People don’t take too kindly to people who use such a service. So, if it got out that you have bought likes, followers etc. 

It can damage your credibility even if your content is good. You may have trouble getting sponsors. Thus, you need to trust a company to not share your data or have quality security in place to prevent that from happening.


Now, you have an idea of the benefits of this method and also how it can become problematic for you. Our recommendation is that you go through our list and find out the best places to buy Instagram likes. Ensure that the service provider is nice. Check out the customer support provided by the company. Now, only spend a few bucks to test the method.

If you feel that it is helping your growth you can invest more in it. But use your common sense as well. If your profile has a few hundred followers and you get 50 to 60 likes per post then if you get 10k likes in a couple of posts it is going to look fishy. So, don’t buy too much. Believe in making quality content and just use this method on the side to help you out to gain more exposure and attract more users. 

So, there you have it – a list of sites that can be used to buy real Instagram likes. Focus on creating really good posts if you want to gain organic reach. Just buying likes won’t help you if your content is boring and not interesting enough for people. We wish you all the best and hope that you achieve the social media success you are looking for.