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A structured wardrobe defines your appearance


Someone once said, “opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like”. However, the reality of the quote is, the beautiful outfits seen in the wardrobe can only be brought to the fore of party-like displays in a systemically built and structured wardrobe.

Surprisingly, a lot people can’t tell the difference between a structurally built wardrobe closets in accordance to kinds of outfit, from a carpentry wardrobe that compels you to ruck up your clothes just so you have a place to keep them.

A proper wardrobe closet should display your outfits, shoes, bags, others, in it occasion series and uplift your mood just by seeing your them in orderliness, which is why it is important to have a plan before engaging your furniture designer.

It is important to note that the wardrobe should further beautify your space and at such, even when it is kept opened, the items in it should be properly arranged and organised accordingly.


Technique to building a wardrobe
Because it demands structure, certain strategic techniques are required to build a desired wardrobe closet.
. The depth of a wardrobe is generally 60 centimeters, however, if you want a wardrobe with sliding doors, you should leave at least 70 centimeters. If you plan drawers inside a wardrobe, it should be best to arrange them up to 120-centimeter height in order to comfortably use them.
. While there is no limit for height in as much as you have a ladder to reach your items, you should however know that you cannot have a solid 3-meter-height-door, so you will have to separate the height into two parts.

How to plan your wardrobe closet
Once the issue of space and height is sorted, you must take into account the number and kind of clothing, shoes or other items you want your wardrobe to accommodate.

You should take note that some items like socks, boxers, underwear, purse, wristwatches, costumes, jewelleries and others, would be in the drawer. While your shoes, handbags, travel bags, others would need a larger height of space in the wardrobe to keep them organised, if there is no space to keep them in other places.

Note that it is always useful to appropriately use the height of a room and dedicate the highest cabinets for items that are most rarely used, such as boxes for shoes, spare pillows, others.

How to keep your wardrobe organised
. First things first, no unclean or rumpled outfits, neither unclean items must be put in any section of the wardrobe. The items that go into the wardrobe must be clean to avoid unpleasant odour.
. Your clothing must be arranged according to colour and occasion.
. Ensure to put longer dresses or outfits hanged in the wardrobe behind the shorter once.
. Preferably, keep outfits you rarely wear in a luggage box, to accommodate the ones you often wear in the wardrobe.

*Never dump items in a hurry in the wardrobe. If you feel like you are in a hurry to leave the house, and cannot afford the time to keep your items at their proper position, just place them on the table, floor or bed, depending on what it is. When you return, you put them back where they belong.

How to maintain your wardrobe
. It is important to keep the wardrobe open every now and then to avoid humidity.
. Rid it of items that are no longer useful.
. Clean and shine the furniture with furniture wipe
. Do not overload the wardrobe with too much items
. For wardrobes with doors, ensure that all items are well positioned before closing the doors.
. Never keep food items in the wardrobe to avoid insects and pest, it is not a cupboard.


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