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Caring For Bathtub


BathtubjpgBATHTUBS are loved because of their spaciousness, moments of relaxation, and the great pleasure that they offer. Though bathtubs are not meant to last forever but their lifespan can be extended by some years if specific care is taken in cleaning and maintaining them.

Stains are the commonest problems that can be seen with time in bathtubs. They can be stains from everyday use or from drain cleaner used. However, there are some winning tips that will help to resolve them.

Avoid incorrect cleaning process. Do not use steel wool and abrasives, creams and powders on the bathtub. These will damage most bathtub surfaces. This might be tempting to try to remove marks with these materials but they will cause greater damage.

Acids or chemical substances such as drain cleaners such as chlorine, pool acid, bleach, vinegar, toilet cleaner and lemon juice must be avoided. Most of these substances can remove stains from a bathtub, but they cause damage to the surface glaze of the bathtub permanently in the process.

The use of these products leave tiny scratches on the surface which gets filled with dirt each time the bathtub is used that there is the tendency to scrub harder to clean them off thereby creating more scratch marks.

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  • Dejandon

    And the article failed to educate us on how best to clean them while strong on how not to. Junk!