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Must know rituals for curly hair

By Guardian Nigeria
22 July 2022   |   3:04 pm
If you are a curly girl then you know that having beautiful curly hair every day doesn’t just happen on its own. If you are wondering how to keep your curls looking their best, then get ready! We’re about to reveal the absolute must-know curly hair rituals for bombshell curls. Pre-poo Curly hair is always…

If you are a curly girl then you know that having beautiful curly hair every day doesn’t just happen on its own. If you are wondering how to keep your curls looking their best, then get ready! We’re about to reveal the absolute must-know curly hair rituals for bombshell curls.

Curly hair is always at its best when it is moisturized. During the shampooing process, the hair is not only stripped of dirt and grease – but its moisture as well. In order to maintain a good amount of moisture during the shampooing process, it is recommended that you pre-poo. Pre-pooing is simply moisturizing the hair before shampooing.   

To help retain the natural oils in the hair, a great pre-poo is a hot oil treatment. When the hair soaks up the oil from the pre-poo, it will help prevent the shampoo from stripping away all of the moisture. 

There are many kinds of pre-poo methods you can use including those that are completely natural! Household ingredients such as bananas and extra virgin olive oil make for inexpensive and very effective pre-poos that will leave your curls feeling soft and juicy!

This next curly hair ritual is an absolute must for maintaining clean and bouncy curls throughout the week. The moment that our hair starts to get dirty, our first instinct is usually to shampoo it. However, because shampoo is so strong, it is not recommended that curly-haired people shampoo more than once every two weeks. So what can you do in the meantime? Co-wash! 

The method of co-washing is simply using a conditioner to clean your hair. It is a method that enables you to clean your hair without stripping it of the moisture that it needs. Product buildup is the main cause of curls becoming stiff and limp throughout the week. Co-washing is a great solution for removing product buildup and giving your hair a fresh start. 

The conditioner will impart moisture back into your hair and cleanse your scalp enough to hold you over for the next wash day. How often you co-wash depends on your lifestyle. Whether you co-wash once, twice, or three times a week – it is definitely something that should be routine for bouncy curls. 

Ever wonder how to achieve perky, fluffy curls? Try the scrunching method! Scrunching is when you push small sections of your hair towards your scalp with your hands. This method helps the curls to hold their shape as they air dry. 

Before you scrunch, make sure the hair is damp and that you are bending over so that all the hair is in front of you. If you want even more defined curls, then use a curling mousse, cream, or gel as you scrunch. If your hair is thinner, you may want to use a mousse. If it is thicker, then you may want to use a cream or gel.

When using a curly product, start with the roots of the hair in order to achieve a more voluminous look. Also, try not to add the product to the very tips of the hair, or it could weigh down your curls. You can let your hair fully air-dry after scrunching or use a diffuser to scrunch and dry even further. Adding this method into your daily ritual is sure to give you beautiful curls!

Finger Curl
Some curls need a little more encouragement to achieve that perfect spiral. Finger curling is a great way to add definition to your curls. Before you attempt to finger curl, make sure that your hair has enough slip. Using products such as leave-in conditioner, curling cream, or curling gel enables your fingers to easily twist your hair around and make pretty spirals. 

Finger curling is a good final step before letting your hair air dry. You could also finger curl your entire head – if you have the time and patience – which is sure to give you a head full of really defined curls. There are several ways you can finger curl your hair, but it is mainly just wrapping your hair around your finger and releasing it.

Split ends, heat damage, and a lack of layers can all contribute to the hair falling flat. It is important to make sure that trimming your hair is part of your curly girl rituals. Some people like to simply cut off the ends of each curl at an angle. 

The most recommended suggestion is to go to a professional stylist to give you a trim. Trimming the hair results in healthier hair growth, volume, and fluffiness. Before you get too scissor happy, note that you should only be getting a trim at least once every 3 months. 

If you are looking for your hair to be at optimal fluffiness and volume, consider getting your hair cut into layers. Layers are the ultimate hack for getting those curls to stand higher and sit perfectly around your face. Maintaining those layers and keeping them cut is definitely worth the extra effort in your routine!

Protective Styling
In order to live your best curly girl life, you don’t always have to be a curly girl! Sometimes you need to give your curls a break in order to help them grow out healthy and strong. Protective styles protect your hair from environmental stressors (such as heat and wind) but mostly protect it from yourself. 

When your hair is in a protective style it keeps your hair free from being styled with heat and chemicals, which damage the hair and cause it to weaken. Styles like braids, buns, and twists all keep your ends tucked away, which are the most prone to damage and keep hair from splitting up the hair shaft. The more you can leave your hair alone and sitting still, the more you promote healthy hair growth.

This last ritual is just as important to do every day as any hair treatment – taking your vitamins! Vitamins are very important for healthy hair growth. Your body needs certain vitamins in order to continue to function properly, this includes hair growth. You can take vitamins in pill form, or include a regular rotation of foods into your diet that contain enough of what you need.

The best vitamins for hair are biotin, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, and Vitamin A. Taking multivitamins ensures that you are getting in several vitamins at once so that you don’t have to worry about keeping track of several pills a day. Putting the right nutrients into your body is one of the best habits you can form to achieve and maintain beautiful hair.

How do you sleep with curly hair?
During bedtime, your hair can really lose a lot of moisture if you don’t properly protect it. Wearing a silk bonnet or scarf is best for sleeping because it is soft and slippery and will not cause friction when you move your hair against it. Before you apply a bonnet, you can either braid, twist, or put your hair into a bun – depending on what texture you want it to be in the morning. Tucking your hair in at night using one of those methods will ensure that it looks moisturized and shiny the next morning.  

Is it bad to towel dry curly hair?
Using a cotton towel to dry curly hair is not recommended because cotton towels often absorb too much water and leave the hair feeling dry and brittle. When the hair is really dry, it is more prone to damage. If you want to towel dry your hair, try using a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels are gentle on the hair and more absorbent than cotton. It is best to wrap the hair in the towel and let it sit for a while, instead of pulling on the hair in order to dry it. 

The Final Word
Maintaining curly hair does not need to be hard or expensive, but it does require consistency. Adding these tips to your routine will definitely leave you with happy, healthy curls!