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Steps to making your bed correctly, neatly


Ever walked into a five-star hotel room and wished your bed at home could be as perfectly made and organised in a poetic manner as the hotel’s, such that make you crave to lay on the bed and just relax or sleep.

Making your bed may seem like a simple task, but doing it neatly and correctly takes some level of proficiency, which is what manifests on that hotel room bed each time you find yourself on it.

So, here is your chance to bring the five-star comfort home with the following steps:

• First thing first, clear your bed sheet, whether you are remaking after use or changing a new one. Take off pillows, duvet, and blanket and set them aside.

• Get your fitted sheet and put it on by tucking the elasticated ends of the sheet tightly around the corners of the mattress. Make sure the fitted sheet sits smoothly on top of the mattress, without any creases or wrinkles.


• Take the top sheet and spread it over the bottom sheet. The top sheet must be spread evenly over the mattress with the same length of sheet hanging over both sides of the bed.

The side with the large hem should go at the top of the bed and the hem should be aligned with the head of the mattress.

• Tuck the end of the top sheet between the mattress and box springs at the foot of the bed. However, don’t just stuff it in; make sure it is smooth and wrinkle free.

Grab a piece of the top sheet approximately 16 inches (40.6 cm) on one side away from the foot of the bed. Lift it up and fold this section of sheet over the top of the mattress, so it forms an angle from the corner of the mattress.

This is the trickiest step in making a bed, but it is also the part that actually makes your bed look very neat.

Now, let the folded piece of sheet on top of the mattress drop down. If you prefer loser sheets, you can stop here. But if you prefer to tuck your sheets tightly, you can tuck the hanging edge of sheet smoothly between mattress and box springs, all the way along the side of the bed. Repeat on the opposite side of the bed.

• Once the top sheet is tucked in place, you can lay your duvet or blanket on top. Ensure the duvet is spread evenly over the bed with the same amount of overhang on each side of the bed.


The top edge of the duvet or blanket should be about sic inches (15.2 cm) away from the edge of the top sheet at the head of the bed.

• Fold the top sheet and duvet down. Take the edge of the top sheet at the head of the bed and neatly fold it back over the top edge of the duvet or blanket.

You can also tuck the edges of the folded blanket or sheet underneath the mattress for a very neat and tightly made bed.
• Pick your pillows and give them a good fluffing before you place them on the bed. To fluff a pillow, grab it on either side and squeeze the sides together before releasing.

Smooth out the pillowcases and lay each pillow flat at the head of the bed to fill the space between the folded over duvet and the headboard.

If you have more than two pillows on, stack the extra two pillows directly on top of the bottom ones. Then take any decorative cushions or pillows you have and place them in an upright position at the head of the bed leaning against the sleeping pillows for support.


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