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Thowbie Makeovers CEO, Daramola Oluwatobi gives men beauty tips


The idea of men wearing make-ups or using cosmetics is one not welcomed with much enthusiasm in this part of the world. Men who wear make-ups are viewed as effeminate or even gay, especially in Africa. But to Daramola Oluwatobi the Chief Executive Officer of Thowbie Makeovers everyone has the right to look beautiful, be it a man or a woman.


In a recent interview, the Microbiology graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State, Nigeria turned makeup artist and skincare specialist gives men her own regime of beauty tips.

“Many skin products, even those marketed to women, are fine for both men and women. A moisturizer that works for a woman will work for a man as well. While there is nothing wrong with a man using a woman’s skincare product, there are some skincare products that are designed to specifically meet men’s needs,” she said.

“I have 8-9 tips I’d love to share with men; Moisturize your skin, Take care of all the organs inside your body, but what are you doing to care for your largest organ – your skin? Protect your face when you shave clean, treat razor bumps and ingrown, cleanse your face, use shampoo for men, men can Use conditioner too, minimize wrinkles and keep your lips soft,” she added.

Daramola Oluwatobi started her business in 2014 as a makeup artist and seller. She was selling makeup products and also into home deliveries for clients.

Daramola recounted. “I didn’t really start with any amount per se like most people would say. I actually started with no amount of money. I only started using my BBM Channel through which I was able to make contacts and market products based on demand.”

After four years in the business, clients from all strata of the society troop to the Lagos-based Thowbie Makeovers for Daramola’s top-notch body treatment and expertise.


“I love to look good and enhance my facial features. I was so good at it, many people would see my face and ask who did my makeup and I would answer that I did and they would be so wowed, ask for my number and call me to do theirs while I get paid. I was getting referrals back to back and I started training too. As times went on, I went on to learn more beauty skills and included them in my business. Because I have a passion for making myself and others look good, feel great about their own body, and boost their self confidence that was what made me focus on beauty.” she said.

Daramola Oluwatobi attended Ola Olu Primary School in Shomolu, Lagos and Surulere Girls Secondary School.

Apart from having her Bachelor’s degree from Olabisi Onabanjo, she did a couple of professional courses in music, computer science and others. She also did professional courses in beauty aesthetics and sculpting. She’s a Christian and single.


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