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What I can’t stand in people, by Nkemjika Uzoma


Nkemjika Greatness Uzoma, is the brain behind fast-selling skin beauty care brand, Kynkys Herbal World.

Blessed with a flawless skin that radiates the beauty of a majestic princess, Nkemjika Greatness ‘path to where she is now, was laden with milestones, uphills and rough bumps which rather than dither her can-do spirit, helped to mould her into the woman of substance that she is now.

Raised by christian parents, Mr and Mrs Francis and Adaku Uzoma, who are from Abia State, Nkemjika Greatness was taught early in life never to look down on people, a principle that she noted has remained an integral part of her.

Speaking in her interview with reporters, the founder of Kynkys Herbal World, said that she is easily put off by arrogant folks.

According to the University of Western Cape alumnus, “several behavior can put me off easily but I am most uncomfortable with arrogant people.

” I hate arrogance because it is just not right to look down on others while feeling on top of the world because of what one has.

“I also cannot stand people with narcissistic tendencies. It’s just repulsive for.somebody to have such excessive admiration of himself or herself.

” Because you are beautiful, rich or successful, does not give you the right to feel that the world should revolve around you and people should start glorifying you and doing your bidding”, Nkemjika Uzoma added.


Speaking further, the founder of Kynkys Herbal World, said she is easily turned off by people who can not maintain eye contact when in direct conversation with people.

“I also can not stand rudeness to myself, family members, restaurant staff, to mention a few.

“I I also hate gossiping because it is just not fair, right and morally okay to talk bad about people behind them. It is somewhat cowardly for someone to talk bad about someone behind them while trying to look good when they are with the people being talked bad about “,added Nkemjika Uzoma.


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