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Why people need luxury jewellery – CEO, Whitestone Jewellers


There are many reasons many people go for luxury jewellery. From timeless glamour to major confidence boosts and savvy investments it is different strokes for different folks. And the Chief Executive Officer of Nigerian-owned, London-based luxury jewellery brand, Whitestone Jewellers, Mr Awotunde highlights different reasons luxury jewellery has become a part of people’s lifestyle and their very existence.

First and foremost, he says luxury jewellery says a lot about one’s style and overall beauty. Since beauty cannot really be actualized in full measure without style and luxury jewellery augments style, Jewelry plays a big part in style.

“Whether you are into bold statement pieces or delicate strings of pearls, jewellery is the perfect way to express yourself. Best of all, the more jewellery you own, the more adaptable they become. Dare to mix and match classic jewellery with modern favourites and subtle pieces with something daring to create a style that is entirely you,” says the CEO, Whitestone.

A new piece of high-end luxury jewellery is the perfect way to celebrate something wonderful.

“From graduations, promotions, weddings, and first births, there are plenty of reasons to treat yourself to (or gift your special someone with) a beautiful piece of luxury jewellery that can be cherished for a lifetime,” Awotunde says.

In his summation, Awotunde says luxury jewellery confers confidence and prestige on the person who adorns them.

When we think of luxury, images of success, power, and wealth come to mind. Luxury brands cultivate these images for their brands through captivating ads and celebrity ambassadors who embody these desirable traits.

“By wearing high-end jewellery, the wearer becomes imbued with these attractive characteristics, which are instantly recognizable to others familiar with these prestigious brands. Whether you are getting over a breakup or have a stressful event on the horizon, shopping for luxury jewellery comes with plenty of emotional benefits such as a boost in self-esteem and feeling relaxed. With the right piece of jewellery, you will feel empowered to tackle any change, be it a first date, a job interview, or a final exam.” he says.

Perhaps, the most important reason to own luxury pieces of jewellery is the investment opportunity inherent in them. Diamonds, gold, and fine luxury jewellery are always in demand. Since authentic high-end jewellery is made with outstanding materials that can last a lifetime and are imbued with the prestige of their brand, they better maintain their value than any piece of counterfeit or costume jewellery could.

“It is huge investment lately, especially after the whole pandemic situation. Productions have been reduced to the minimum from these retail shops, You could walk into an AP, Rolex or Patek store today looking for a particular watch and they add you on to the waiting list of minimum of 8 months. For someone who couldn’t wait for that time length which isn’t certain either, they can easily walk up to a jeweller who’s got the same piece and buy it for double the price it is from a retail store,” Awotunde affirms.

Whitestone Jewellers was officially established in 2017 and registered as a limited liability company in Great Britain with an office in Canary Wharf, London, England.

Although the brand currently has no outlet in Nigeria but ship to the whole of Africa, mostly Nigeria as a result of his digital presence and the brand name that stands beyond the Atlantic.

They have a wide range of targets as clients, which predominantly includes socialites, general civil servants, celebrities and indeed, rich kids with an affinity for luxury.

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