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Dating: A Need Or A Choice?
Today, I would like to talk about this important topic. You see, this should be understood. So, we need to pay careful attention. 

A need is more likely to be defined as a want that requires pressing attention. On the other hand, a choice is a want that does not necessarily require immediate attention, like getting it immediately. 

With choice, you are trusted to make a very good decision. But sometimes, needs can make you to take irrational decisions. 

So, in dating, or rather, the best time, and condition to date is when it is up to us, and we know we are not under pressure.Most women in their 30s tend to make irrational decisions on deciding their mate due to the fact that they are under pressure to get married. This pressure may come from friends, family, society or even self-imposed.

In whatever conditions we find ourselves, we should be careful not to make decisions that affect our relationships when in need, because it will have a long lasting effect on us.

Hence, even though we view dating as a need, it should not be viewed as a need, but as a choice, because:
-This condition will give us the opportunity to really understand the different people we date in order to know which is more suitable. 
-Due to the fact that we are not under pressure, our decisions are mostly sensible. 
-We can see through to the future clearer concerning being with that person.
-During the process of dating, flaws can be seen and corrected. 
-The hidden true nature of a person will surface with time; hence likes and dislikes of a person will be known. 
-It helps reduce the chances of having to divorce. 

There are other benefits of dating when it is based on choice than need. People tend to put on their best character outfit when meeting or dating; hence sufficient time should be given to discover that you maybe wrong about a person. 

You may dislike this person, and with time find out he or she is just the best for you. So, in circumstances where time is not given the opportunity to play its role in helping you with discoveries, you end up getting those discoveries through endurance in partnership with time later, but here you have to pay more for tutorials. Just like late entry payment, you will be getting the consequences. 

Everyone will agree with me that it is good to know who you are getting together with, and this is also a moral virtue.I have heard a story about a woman, who through need married a man because of financial help. In the process, the man killed her accidentally, because he did not want to raise her child, which is not his child. She was killed as she tried to prevent him from heating her child, like she also did. But one unfortunate day came and she died in the process.

The child, a girl, ran away later and when she grew, she hated man. Before she settled with a man, a lot had to convince her, which of course, did not come easily.  
Conclusively, we should date when we don’t really need to. This is advisable so as to be able to avoid dating when we are in need of a mate, so we will avoid choosing irrationally and regretting later.

I say this because when in need, we take whatever comes our way and our future will be built on faulty grounds. Have a happy weekend. 

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