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‘He Wants Me To Abort My Baby’


RelationshipI WAS admitted to the emergency room after having a stroke-like episode at work. The doctor’s have diagnosed it as an “a typical migraine episode.

This in itself was a dramatic situation but it was intensified when the ER doctor announced that the situation was complicated more because I was pregnant. The announcement was made in front of my “vasectomies” husband.

Of course, we were both shocked and showed it but said nothing except we didn’t know. When we were alone after I was admitted, the questions began flying.

We had both been involved in extramarital relationships so finger pointing did not occur. More of the “Who? When? You can’t keep it!!” He wants me to abort. He says I can’t have it at the expense of ruining our lives and those of our families.

I have always believed that abortion was murder but that is my opinion. He doesn’t feel that it’s a human until it is born. He wanted me to abort our third child but I refused. God, thank you for making me strong.

This is obviously a totally different situation. Should I keep it? What do we tell everyone? Will my husband even stay? Do I disrupt the lives of my children and make us all the talk of the town?

Do I tell the baby’s father that I am pregnant? I know if I abort I will have signed my own death warrant. I don’t think I could live knowing I killed MY baby. . . .but there are so many more factors and people involved.

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