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Make your children’s room a wonderland for them


It’s Time To Pimp Your Children’s Room
If you’re one of those parents with classy interior décor initiative, who take the time to pimp your space at home and input all expense to furnish every part of the apartment except your children’s room, lost touch with the rule of complete interior furnishing that states that no space should be left un-refurbished. So it’s time to pick up where you left of by pimping your children’s room to taste.

Luckily for you, it’s that time of the year when children are still really fascinated by every touch of newness. Something that not only gives them interesting narratives amongst their peers now that they are back to school after the holidays, but also the urge to take off to their room at the end of the day without the desire to stay back with you in the living room, even when it’s past their bedtime. And for boarders, the yearning to return home, even at the shortest holiday.

The necessity of pimping your children’s room
Show me a child who finds any excuse to visit his or her friends or neighbours and I will show you a disorganised and an under-furnished children’s room.

More often than not, children are driven by what they see and have at their disposal. So logically, there is absolutely no reason for your children to covet their friends’ homes when theirs is appropriately furnished with everything a child needs to be contended. Don’t get it twisted, it is not about giving everything they want, but what they need. And if you feel it right to have all the interior decors you need in your bedroom, then it is beyond a need but a right to pimp your children’s room and at such, you should factor the expenses in your budget with optimum priority.

How to refurbish the children’s room
. Just as any space refurbishing, start with the paintings and remember to use their favourite colours because children are naturally colour-fascinated. At this level of interior décor, it is not about you, but your children and so it does not matter what your preferred colour is, use theirs.
. Erect paintings and accessories that appeal to their emotion and sense of reasoning.
. Place one or two single sofas close to their bed.
. Depending on the available space, age, gender and number of children you have, mount two or more single bed in a room and preferably, let each gender have separate rooms, popularly called boys’ room and girls’ room.
. Invest in their choice toys and dolls.
. Don’t forget the bedside rug alongside the other interior décor accessories.
. Ensure to create conducive study space in the room and erect standard reading table and chair one for each child in a room. Don’t forget to add one or two more chairs for study partner or home teacher.
. Organise their personal effects orderly in a shelve
. Finally, let them have a television set in their room but set parental guidance that restricts them to programmes of their age. You don’t want to have your kids watching 80 per cent of the programmes or shows you watch on TV in the living room. Also ensure to do extra monitoring.

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