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Making your space, homely: The elegance in simplicity


Simplicity has always been the key to elegance, as the latter is only achieved when all that is superfluous has been discarded.

The simpler your decorating accessories, furniture and gadgets, the more classy and beautiful your home will be, but more importantly, the more homely your home will be.

Don’t get it twisted, these gadgets and accessories give life to your home, but too much of them will undo the intended aesthetic. So in your attempt to keep your home décor simple, ensure not to leave it void either, but rather infuse only necessary gadgets and accessories without too much complexity.

Another defect in most homes, aside excessive accessories, gadgets, and furniture, is clumsy paintings.


In the bid to embellish the home, some people tend to buy everything and anything that strike them as attractive adornment, especially paintings, sculptures and flower accessories thereby creating a coarse atmosphere in the home.

It is important to note that the home is not a gallery and should therefore be allowed to breathe and also give you serene breath.

Tips for keeping your apartment simple
. First things first, ensure to use mild colour on your walls, especially your living room and dinning. Preferably, always use the white, cream or off-white wall paint colour or wallpapers.
. It is important to minimise your furniture, both the sofa and dining seats. The living room is not an event centre, so there’s no need to have too many seats.
. Ensure to keep the flower accessory to just one or two, the living room is not a garden.
. While paintings and sculptures give the home a sense of in-depth knowledge to one’s goal or passion, having more than two or three of them in one setting can be gawky.
. Hang all family pictures at a single section close to the entrance of the living room. There’s absolutely no need to scatter them all over your wall. The beauty is profound when they are all together in a poetic order; afterall, it’s the family picture and should always be together.
. Your chandeliers should not be too massive, keep it brief, it is not the major illuminant of the apartment.

Noteworthy is the cleaning-after-yourself routine, both in your living room and bedroom because sometimes, it is not the accessories or other decorating gadgets that makes the home clumsy or less of a home, but untidiness. So keep it clean and simple, it’s a home not an Event Centre.

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