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Matching throw pillows with drapes


Having established the fact that drapes and curtains are evergreen classy and unparalleled interior window coverage that has come to stay irrespective whatever window cover gets in vogue or trends, it’s time to spice up your space with throw pillows made with your window drape fabric.
Wondering the odds that this match would be perfect? No, it wouldn’t just be perfect; it would dramatically transform your space into a piece of aesthetics.

Colour Blending
Worried about having a contrasting colour sofa? Forget about the colour of your sofa, in fact, a contrasting sofa colour with throw pillows that matches with your drape will create more cozy drama in your space. However, if your sofa colour matches with your window drape, depending on your choice, you can either get the same drape fabric but a contrasting colour for your throw pillows, or use the same colour all the way. Whatever your choice of colour is, having throw pillows made with the same drape fabric will give your space perfect elegance and ambience.


Changing Your Throw Pillow Fabric To Your Drape’s
If you already have throw pillows, there’s absolutely no need to buy new ones, all you need to do is have your interior designer or throw pillow designer make new sets of throw pillow covers with your window drape, remove the old cover and fix the new one.

Where to use matching throw pillows with drape
Of course the sitting room is the first place that comes to mind, but did you forget your bedroom? The bedroom matching can even come with a little extra spice up as you can use the same windrow drape material for your entire beddings – your bed sheet, duvet, pillows and throw pillows.    
However, if you must use the same window drape as your beddings, ensure that your window cover is indeed drape and not curtain, as drapes are made with heavy weight fabrics that can also be used as bed sheets and duvet if properly built by professional beddings designers.
If you’re bothered about the permanent status of using the same drape fabric as your entire beddings, don’t worry, as you can easily change your beddings when you want to, but retain your throw pillows to match with the window drape.

How To Keep Your Throw Pillow Fabrics Clean
You don’t want to leave your throw pillows bare when you wash the cover fabric, so it is advisable to have a two-piece set of each throw pillow, so as to interchange when you need to wash. 


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