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New ambience for New Year


As we enter the New Year, it is only natural for people to feel the need for a new decorating ambience for their homes; more like a new year, a new home aesthetics, ranging from paintings to lightings, furniture, flowers, sculptures and even electronics.

Some just want to do away with the existing clumsiness of their home for simplicity, while others just want a new kind of being-home feeling with the New-Year. But whatever the reason is, there is aesthetics and comfort in having a home that is simple and easily accessible.

While attempting to decorate the home for the new-year, some people go for new purchases while others just do simple rearrangements and repositioning with a common ideology of doing away with the fading year’s air and aura for a fresh ambience in the home.


Generally, the living room is the most lived- in part of the home; it is where you get the feeling of home, so ensure to make it as comfortable as possible. The first step towards a new year’s home decor is the desire for a sparkling touch on everything and once you have all clean and sparkling, you’re set to replace and reposition.

With the new-year home decoration, the next thing that comes to mind is the colour that blends with everything, giving you a poetic balance. The importance of having blended colours cannot be underestimated which is why picking major decorating bright colours like cream, white and gold before complementing with darker colours like brown, black, wine and others is considered.

For a start, painting the walls or cresting wallpapers with bright colours that suites paves the way for other interior decors. After painting walls or cresting wallpapers, comes space creation to have a conducive and refined elegance interior style for the living room. You want easy access to the TV and dinning, so it’s easier and better to position the couches closer to the television but ensure a free flow walk path in-between the sitting sets, center-table and television set. Try to do away with ambiguous items by maintaining simple decorations of paintings, flowers, sculptures and other item for the living room.

The complications of multipurpose activities in the bedroom makes it quite technical to design a bedroom that is stylish, functional and still calming to provide you the good night’s sleep and relaxing haven needed.

The bedroom is naturally where everything goes down beyond sleeping but dressing and studying for some, which makes it easily dysfunctional, clumsy and untidy, but with the cultivation of the culture of placing things where they should be immediately in the new year, you can have it beautiful and perfect.

The dinning is the easiest part of the home but can be clumsy if too many decorating items like flowers and other items are placed on the table. So for the new year, try to keep the dinning less clumsy, simple flower or choice decor is advisable to be placed only at the middle to create space for dishes and serving plates for eating.

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