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‘Our Aim Is To Make Nigerians Lead More Productive Lives’




Abisola Longe is a seasoned facilitator and mentor highly skilled in coaching, business consulting, career planning and counselling. As the chief executive at Human Capacity Development Consultants (HCDC), a firm committed to the goal of developing human capital in organisations for exceptional business results, she drives the Productivity Plus Planner initiative conceived in 2011 to help people live productive lives. She speaks on the planner and sundry issues.

HOW has the Productivity Plus idea evolved since it was birthed four years ago?
Productivity Plus is an initiative geared towards making Nigeria a more productive nation by providing tools to help people design purposeful and productive lives. It is a comprehensive personal and professional effectiveness solution, custom made for the learning and growing individual. It is a cutting edge program for achieving optimum levels of quality and output in one’s personal and professional life and it has grown significantly. And we have received awesome reviews from participants.

What is the idea behind Productivity Plus?

Our Nation has been recognized as being abundantly blessed with the best quality resources and human capital, yet it is painfully clear that we are not making much progress in that regard. Our people have become reactive, expecting the leaders to catalyse change, yet, for various reasons, we fail to appoint real leaders.

Our aim is to make Nigeria a more productive nation by engaging and enrolling 1,000,000 Nigerians to commit to leading more productive lives by 2020. We are partnering with various companies in Nigeria to spread the Productivity bug. There are many products available under the Productivity Plus umbrella, they include the Productive Life Planner and Productive Life Seminar.

What is the Productive Life Planner about?
The Productive Life Planner is a 250-page organizer, diary and planning tool that helps one design and articulate purpose, dreams and execution of those dreams into a personal workable system. It is an Achiever’s Companion to assist in creating a clear and defined vision, build quantifiable goals, measure growth process, as well as document ideas and dreams on the individual’s journey to a life of greater meaning and significance. It is a powerful tool that also tracks progress and measures achievements.

The Planner helps one set vision and mission statements which are necessary for living purposeful lives, set smart goals, manage time and life effectively, develop action plans and monitor progress of achieving goals, and even stay on track to meet these goals. The planner would help you track your finances, through the use of the monthly budget and live a healthy lifestyle.

The Planner is the ultimate tool to help people clarify their goals as well as establish a platform for actualization. It assists individuals create a clear and defined vision, build quantifiable goals, measure growth process as well as document ideas and dreams on the journey to a life of greater meaning and significance.

The Planner can be customized for organizations. ACCA of Nigeria has partnered with Productivity Plus, to create customized planners for its members, young career builders and students. We are also talking to other organizations about some very interesting initiatives.

…and the Productive Life Seminar?
The Productive Life Seminar is a successful learning platform to teach unbeaten principles of super achievers, and encounter a mental shift towards result-oriented living and working. This four-hour seminar serves as an effective introduction to Productivity Plus and its core principles. Participants will learn how to get the most out of the Planner at this Seminar. They learn how to articulate their dreams and draw up plans to execute. They build, courage, determination and the zeal to transform their lives at the seminar.

Productive Life Coaching Program
This programme will help individuals reach their optimum level of productivity. The programme runs for four weeks in a particular month during the year. It will guide participants on how to create their dream lives, how to develop their personal and professional lives, develop good financial habits, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Participants will have the opportunity to use everything taught after each session, during the week, and receive feedback on their performance at the next session. We provide very expansive support and an accountability and feedback system to help them.

Productive Career Coaching Program

In our bid to make Nigeria a more productive nation, having a productive workforce is key. During the program, individuals would be taught how to be productive, add value and be better team players in the workplace. Self and time management, how to plan and work and be better employees will be taught.

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