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‘Parents Need To Identify Potential Rapist’


OniDr. Oni Bamikole Fagbohungbe, a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos spoke on the factors responsible for the increasing cases of rape in Nigeria, especially among children.

By Laolu Adeyemi

What do you think is responsible for the increasing cases of child rape in the country?

The causes of this increasing rape cases are multifarious in nature but they are all link to psychology. While some are as a result of our cultural beliefs, some are borne out of diabolism.

Research on the victims of rape in the time past has shown that most people who indulge in raping little children do that based on their belief that sleeping with little children who are virgins could bring fortune for them. I have heard many cases of old men raping their daughter for one baseless excuse.  Some of these men who are suspected to be ritualists sleep with their little daughter with a view to have wealth.

Another group of rapists believes that sleeping with a baby girl could help cure their ailment or disease. Some parts of Africa believe in this. Some people in Uganda hold this belief in high esteem and that is what is responsible for the increasing rate of rape in Uganda.

Some groups of people who prefer having sexual affair with children, even when they see adults are referred to as paedophile. Their emotions trigger only when they see children and they prefer them because they will not resist them. They are domineering in nature and they only want to have illicit affair with children who wouldn’t resist them.
This group of people has psychological disease that triggers when they see children. Paedophile prefers to play with children and they often buy them gifts with a view to entice them. Even in a situation whereby sufficient ladies are available; they gravitate towards little children and psychology is yet to have a physiological explanation for their action.

Another factor responsible for rape is the economic situation. Some people who lack financial enablement to go after mature ladies go after children. They believe they could take advantage of little children who will not ask for anything.

Some women allow themselves to be carried away while seeking their daily bread. Their attention is shifted from their children and some men who derive pleasure in making love with children and animal take advantage of them. This type of children becomes prey to those who want a girl child to sleep with for their fetish purpose. 

Divorce is another factor that spur some fathers who lack social discipline into sleeping with their daughters in an effort to avenge. Some men also do that to hurt their divorced wife.
What are the likely effects of sexual violence on children?

Some of these victims of rape are likely going to be sexually frigid. They grow up to be afraid of having sex and might refuse to get married. Some of those who couldn’t get out of this sexual frigidity grow with a mindset to become a reverend sister. Sometimes, these victims might also grow to become frivolous with sex. They grow up with having sex with any man that comes their way.

Another effect is that some of these girls grow up with an intention to avenge their ordeal with a any man that comes their way. At first they develop hatred for men and later look for ways to avenge. They don’t care with their lives.
When it comes to married life, this set of girls may not be marritally settled. They usually look at their husband as potential violator. They also look at their children the same way and become so suspicious in nature just because of the repressed psychological experience.

How do we control sexual violence and rape, especially among children?

Some parents try to cover up this case without getting the criminal punished because of social stigmatisation. Parents of the rape victims, at most time keep the secret and allow the perpetrator go scot-free. They should stop covering up such cases.

Attitude of some Nigerian policemen is also appalling because of the way and manner they trivialise any rape case when it comes to them. Some of them just persuade the victims to just go away, silently; claiming she enjoyed it after all.

Any father who is not socially disciplined could also abuse her daughters if he is sexually deprived. Such fathers who lack social discipline are those who can do anything for fetish reason without weighing the consequences.
How can parents identify a paedophile?

Paedophile shows unnecessary care for little girls and they try to buy things for them. Though, some men do that naturally to both sexes, a paedophile will only buy for a female child.

They also love putting things in the room that can attract little girls. Men with this trait prefer sending a little girl on an errand and instruct her to bring it inside the room.
They hardly have affinity for a grown up ladies; they rather gravitate towards young girls. Any parent who notices these traits in any man around them should restrict their female children from getting close to them, let alone play with them.

Parents must also instruct their female daughters not take anything from any man without showing it to them. They should also educate their children not to allow any man to touch them. And they should not allow any man to have authority over their children.

Some parents who get too tired to check their children and spend good time with them are vulnerable. Nothing stops any mother from occasionally checking her daughter’s private part while bathing her in the night. She can easily discover if she has been violated.
What is your advice to government in curbing this menace?

I advise government to do a review of the penalty for perpetuators of rape. Inspector General of Police has been talking serious on this but he needs to act on it.

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