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Petals in the face of death


Frank Onuchi had an unrelenting habit of speaking the truth and fighting for the downtrodden. He hated seeing people suffer and would go to any length to show his concern for the plight of the masses.

The attitude of this brilliant young lawyer always pushed him into open confrontation with the government. On several occasions, he had been arrested, tortured and imprisoned for his boldness, courage and stance for justice in the country. He was a totally different lawyer who could face death just to see that justice was done and the poor could heave a sigh of relief.

It was exactly during the administration of President Augustus Akinloye that the rich class planned a sinister strategy and roped Frank in in a murder case. He was immediately arrested, charged to court and sentenced to death by hanging. Frank pleaded innocence during the court proceedings, insisting he knew nothing about the murder charge brought against him. But despite his arguments, he was denied freedom and sentenced to death, like a common criminal.

The wicked aristocrats had done their worst! An innocent, brilliant young lawyer was to face death by hanging on February 7, 2005. He was chained in the arms and legs as he approached the gallows.

The priest did a solemn prayer for his soul. Frank didn’t say a word. A painful tear dropped from the corner of his eyes. He looked up and shook his head somberly. Everything looked sad, gloomy and tragic.

He was about being hanged when words came from the Presidency that he had been freed through a prerogative of mercy. All this while, the President’s beautiful daughter was in love with him for his courage, boldness and fearlessness. Frank was freed!

The President’s daughter, Alita Akinloye, was actually around herself to welcome him back to freedom. One thing led to another, as Alita was deeply in love with Frank. They got married and Frank became rich and famous.

He continued to fight for the masses as a matter of principle.
Re: Sowing The Seeds Of Destruction

Dear Segun. Your story entitled above shows that wickedness does not pay. Olupo, who inherited his father’s estate at his demise, was heartless and boastful. He died a miserable and painful death.

We should learn to be kind to people we meet and should not challenge our creator, God Almighty. -Emma I.C. Mbah, Lagos. Dear Segun. It is not good to treat your tenants badly or their children. Whatever you sow is what you will reap.

Olupo suffered for his evil actions. Great story. -Alhaji Wola Olayinka, Oyo State.

Re: In The Spirit Of Valentine: ‘My Heart In Yours’
Dear Segun. You’re a Christian. Thanks for your empathy and compassion. Blessings go to Davis and Elizabeth.

Davis’ parents will get the reward of their wickedness during the day of reckoning.
-Sunday .O. Igwe, Calabar.

Dear Segun. Patience is the major ingredient that holds a marriage together. A true husband always takes good care of his wife when she is sick.
It was a good thing that Davis stood by his wife when she was sick. One of your best stories.
-Alhaji Wola Olayinka, Oyo State.

Re: The Other Side Of Money
Dear Segun. The love of money is the root of all evils. He who befriends a leopard will eventually find claws in his neck.

Nelson, the gay, met his waterloo for his actions. Nice story.
-Alhaji Wola Olayinka, Oyo State.

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