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Rains are back: Put up thick curtains for aesthetic cozy ambience

By Guardian Nigeria
19 September 2020   |   3:11 am
August break is over and September rains are here with winds that could blow your curtains apart, if the fabrics are not built to stand the test of time.

August break is over and September rains are here with winds that could blow your curtains apart, if the fabrics are not built to stand the test of time.

Contrary to popular belief, the curtains are not just meant to cover your windows, but to also firmly and beautifully keep your home cozy when the need be. And of course, there is no better times for keep warm than this rainy season.

So the question is: what kind of curtain fabric would shield your home from the rains and cold breeze? A good thick curtain fabric is the way to go this season. Thick curtains are ideal for the rains, as they can trap most of the cold wet winds expected during the season and also ensure that the heat from inside does not escape to the atmosphere.

However, you can’t just pick up any thick fabric. it has to be stylish and classy in order to maintain the aesthetic ambience that makes your home the best place in the world. The idea is to keep the cold and wet weather at bay alongside bestowing style on your space.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Blinds
• Style Keeping: The need for a thick curtain fabric for cold weather has been established. However, because curtains are major embellishing interiors that make a style statement to complement your décor, you will have to ensure that your chosen fabrics wear an intrinsic and extrinsic aesthetic.

• Elevated Quality: If your curtain fabric is inferior, no amount of other quality interior items in your space, be it in the living room, bedrooms or office, can make much difference in terms of aesthetic statement.

Your curtain is your interior motherboard that showcases the beauty of other interior decors in your space. And for the rainy weather, due to all the factors that comes with the rain, low quality curtains would cost your space its classy aesthetic and a homely comfy. So go for quality fabrics, which of course, are usually not very cheap as you can tell the quality of the fabric by its price in relation to other curtain fabrics, so be ready to pay a little more for quality. The way the curtain fabric generally looks or feels when touched can also tell a lot about its quality. Be sure to check how different fabrics look especially when put against some bright light and how the fabric feels when you run it through your fingers.

• Stain Resistant: It is normal to have some water getting to the curtains, especially if the windows had been left open. Curtains that easily show stains will show these water stains, which would in turn alter the beauty especially if the colour is bright.

•Water Resistant or Quick Dry: Go for fabrics that resist water or dries quickly to avoid stuffy wet smell or mold growing on them due to long dampness.

• Easy Clean: As a matter of fact, all good curtain fabrics should be easy to clean irrespective the colour.

Ideal Curtain Fabrics For Rainy Season
•Velvet Curtains: They are made with thick and dense fibers that are very effective in insulation. They also have a soundproofing effect making them the right choice for you if you do not like the sound of rainwater beating against your walls. Most velvet curtains are available in classy warm colours, which is very suitable for the rainy season.

•Canvas Curtains: Canvas curtains are suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. They are durable, strong, and can withstand harsh weather be it heavy rains or the harsh sun rays.

• Acrylic panels: They are suitable for the rainy season especially for exposed areas. You can use clear ones that let the natural light in but are still effective in providing the necessary insulation from the cold and wet weather.

• Cotton curtains: They are also suitable for the rainy season. A lining can be added to a cotton curtain fabric to make it thicker due to the natural softness of cotton texture.

• Silk Curtain: They add a luxurious appearance to windows as the fabrics have incredible softness and a high-quality sheen that reflects light with an iridescent appearance that withstands all weather conditions.

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