Saturday, 22nd January 2022
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Raymond fix sets sights on global fame

Due to his experience, Raymond Fix has always been way ahead of his peers in terms of quality of released music from his brand.

Due to his experience, Raymond Fix has always been way ahead of his peers in terms of quality of released music from his brand. The new voice of the Afro Pop is well and truly established. Known for his combination of talent, depth, versatility, strength, and energy, Afeez Aderinmola Adegoke popularly called Raymond Fix is not wrong to eye Grammy awards. Raymond Fix, who debuted with “kekeke” in an interview has said to his fans that he sees himself winning Grammy awards soon enough.

“In the next 10 years, I see myself winning the Grammy awards by God’s willing and touching people’s lives through my music,” he stated.

When Raymond Fix was asked about the beginning of his love for music, he stated that he had always been a lover of music right from his early days. “I grew up with my grandma, in a house filled with music lovers, all my aunties and sisters were part of the Church choirs, funny enough, I was the only one who didn’t join, but I always found myself singing and writing, that’s how it all started “ he says.

His story reflects how Nigerian music, predominantly the Afro genre, has been spreading around the world, and attracting international record label interest and investment. In the past few years, Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music and Atlantic Records have all signed Nigerian artists and pushed them to markets outside Africa. The singer says he makes music as a global citizen, adding that his melodic sense is rooted in Afro modes but are unconstrained by them.

Raymond Fix described himself as a multi-talented entertainer, performer, singer, and songwriter who has always had a flair for music. He asserted that this makes him a better artiste, because he the fact he knows the right notes to hit. “I’ve been making music since I was 11, it’s a gift from God not something you learn” he asserts.

His overarching philosophy is hinged solely on one message, LOVE. “Genuine love is what we need all over the world, keeps us together as one”. Looking forward, newly invigorated, he intends on working with Blaise beats on his next EP whilst acknowledging that there is potential growth to be made in the industry regarding this style of music. This has so far as revealed that Raymond Fix has much more to offer. He has continued to impress everyone who crosses his path, and it is naturally hopeful for the world to experience more.