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Re-she just changed since she became pregnant



To be candid with you, in as much you think she needs a break for now, I would advise you don’t leave her, especially if this is the first time she is actually getting pregnant, as she might be experiencing some hormonal changes and since she has never experienced such, it could lead to emotional swings, which make her tell you she is up and down.

She still loves and has feelings for you. You just have to be more patient with her now and try to persevere mostly her attitude towards you.

Whenever you feel she is in the right state of mind, always try to make her feel loved and cared for. With time, she would come back to her real self. Good luck, bro.



Desparately Needs Advice:

I am Tracy, 27 years of age and in my final year in school. There is this guy I have been seeing for eight months now. It took us three months to become intimate. I wanted to wait, because I wanted something serious, not just a flash in the pan.

However, after we had become intimate, I found out that he had a girlfriend, which overlapped with the time he was seeing me.

After talking things through with him and letting him explain things, it turned out that this was a five-year relationship, which was very off and on and needed to end.

I knew I should probably leave things then and give him time, but we still spoke everyday and he did make it up to me by doing a big romantic gesture for my birthday.

I am just really confused as to where his head is. He does lovely things and we see each other weekly and talk most days, but I am scared I am just a rebound, that nothing serious would come of this.

I was also scared that he was seeing other people, even though he has said he isn’t. He said when he was still with his girlfriend, so I don’t trust his word so much in that department.

However, he did take me out during the festive period and we had fun and I felt reassured that he wasn’t spending it with someone else.

Can anyone give me some advice on what to do? I do really like him, as whenever we are together, we just laugh and he does some really lovely things.

But am I wasting my time? Help!


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