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Revamp your old denim these way


Denim. Photo; TeenVogue

Are you bored with your old denim but unwilling or unable to throw it away? Do you want to do something innovative to pour out your creativity into it but not getting any idea about it? As usual, we have put together a few easy Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas to spruce up your old denim, get your necessary tools together and get busy.

Cut It
How about turning your old featureless denim jeans into “new” and evocative shorts? Just cut down your jeans with a pair of scissors and transform them into a pair of shorts. You can even add lace to it to beautify its look, at the bottom, on the sides, near pockets or anywhere you like. You’ll fall in love with it even more.

Add Beads, Studs or Pearls
Tired of wearing your wishy-washy pair of jeans? It’s the time to transform it radiantly. You can try your creative skills onto your denim by sticking studs or pearls with superglue in any shape or even randomly near pockets, on the hem, on the thighs or on the sides.


Bleach It
Make bleach your best friend for this job. You can bleach the bottom part, knee part, thigh part or anywhere you wish and use a permanent marker to create any pattern out of it. Or simply use a bleach pen to draw any design of your choice directly on the jeans. Just be careful when handling the bleach so it doesn’t get to any sensitive part.

Combine It
Combine two sterile pairs of jeans to convert it into an astonishing one by adding patchwork to it. You can even use scraps of some old jeans that work the best if the material of contrasting colour is used. You can cut that other fabric in your desired shape and size and sew it yourself. An amazing and all the way more attractive jeans is right there before you.

Fabric Paint
All you have to do is to invest some money in a good fabric paint of your required shade. You can experiment with your painting skills on your denim. Just draw any geometrical pattern, floral pattern, a complete block or anything of your choice. It’s super simple yet eye-catching that gives a new life to your old jeans.

Use Fringe/Lace
Rejig your bland denim by adding fringe or lace to its hem and you won’t resist strolling down the streets and flaunting your creativity to everyone. You can also use your leftover lace and stick it over the pocket area or the sides of your jeans.

Stitching For Refashioning
Did you know that a simple stitch could refurnish your tired-looking jeans? Yes, you read that right. You can stitch in a zig-zag manner, cross pattern or even simple stitches with the contrasting colored embroidery thread can turn out to be more graceful.

Tie Dye Denim
You have to use a good quality dye colour for this redesigning. You can either dip the jeans in a single colour or use a paintbrush or a paint roller to dye in your favourite print or texture.

Make It Distressed
Use sandpaper or razor for distressing your jeans. Rub sandpaper at the place where you want to distress, scrape it and then stain it, and your refurbished jeans are ready. If using a razor, just scratch your jeans with it and it’s done.

Rip It
The easiest way to overhaul any tiresome jeans is to rip it. Just take a pair of scissors, cut at your desired positions (be it thighs or knees). Take out its threads horizontally and your ripped jeans is ready to be worn.

Fringe Hem
Cut the hem of your jeans. Decide the length of your fringes and mark accordingly at the bottom. Cut the hem vertically in the narrowest strips possible. Pull out its threads horizontally to give that fringe effect.

So which experiment are you going to do with your denim?

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