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Running away from fire!

By Segun Durowaiye
04 November 2017   |   3:40 am
One of Obelawo’s wives, the slim one, was so hot-tempered and cantankerous that she would flare up due to jealousy and attack the fat wife and the short one for petty reasons.

Obelawo Raji was married to three wives, and it seemed he was living in three hells at a time. He occupied a one-room apartment in the notorious ghetto of Mushin, Lagos.

His three wives were always suspicious of one another. When he was making love to one, the others would get up at that very moment on the pretext that they wanted to ease themselves at the ladies. At times, while in the heat of love-making, the other wives would start coughing ceaselessly to cause undue disturbance.

Most times, if neighbours were not settling disputes over flimsy gossips, they would be settling fights over food allowances.

One of Obelawo’s wives, the slim one, was so hot-tempered and cantankerous that she would flare up due to jealousy and attack the fat wife and the short one for petty reasons. She was in the habit of travelling to far distant villages to get potent love potions, so that their husband could love her the most and she would be the apple of his eyes.

Whenever she came back with her love medicine, the fat one would watch her carefully and locate where she kept the juju and would then urinate on the medicine, so that the love potion wouldn’t work.

There was a particular Saturday, around 12 midnight, when Obelawo was about making love with the slim wife, the fat one suddenly rose from her sleep while coughing ceaselessly and complaining that she had malaria. The slim wife was so mad with anger that all hell’s fury broke loose and there began a cataclysmic fight among the three wives that took a huge crowd of neighbours to settle.

Still, the wives wouldn’t let peace reign in the neighbourhood. When the restlessness and crazy fights wouldn’t stop and Obelawo realised he was gradually going mad and seriously insane, he ran away the following day, leaving behind his wives, to a remote village in Ondo State and never came back. Till date, he hasn’t been seen.

Re: Dinner With The Devil
Dear Segun. Woe unto men. Sukura’s bad manners and wicked ways led her husband to get a potent medicine to subdue her.

The herbalist and Ayinde were like Angel Gabriel who bailed him from his wife’s incessant attacks. May holy God save us from bad wives.
-Alhaji Wola Olayinka, Ibadan Oyo State

Re: Drinking One’s Own Poison
Good Day Sege. Your story, entitled as above, is very interesting. It ended well, even though on a sad note.

Mama Aro was a very wicked person. It is good she was paid back in her own coins. Ida ahun la fi n pa ahun. The wicked would always reap what they sow, like Ebenezer Obey’s song.
-Mrs. Adesina, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos.

Re: The Return Of Professor Jack
Dear Uncle Segun. What attracted Professor Jack to Abeni initially? Abeni’s love is mere infatuation. The embarrassment is a sign of how the future would look like.
-Sunday O. Igwe. Calabar

Dear Segun. Thanks for your beautiful stories always. May God continue to bless you all at The Guardian
-Mr. Emmanuel Olaniyan, Omu Aran, Kwara State

Re: Tales Of The Mad Doctor
Dear Segun. This story is quite amazing, intriguing and interesting. The doctor is heartless and wicked. The law of Karma has no respect for any evildoer.

But let us thank God that he humbled himself at last. God bless you for your inspiring stories

Dear Segun. The virulent doctor deserves all he got from Karma. Doctors are created to save human lives from sickness and death, not to hurt them. Great story. God bless you.
-Alhaji Wola Olayinka, Ibadan Oyo State

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