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Seun Kuti Accepts Buhari, Commends Tinubu Change



Seun Kuti

IT appears Afrobeat singer and son of late Abami Eda, Seun Kuti has buried the hatchet against the president-elect, General Muhammadu Buahri. He had in an interview with a daily in the build-up of the election said Buhari has trampled on the rights of his family when he jailed his father, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, illegally.

“General Buhari trampled on the rights of my family when he jailed my father, illegally for that matter. And Fela was innocent. This is why it would be difficult for me to say I want to vote for Buhari.

“Maybe if Buhari wins and becomes president, then I can forgive him if he begins to do to Nigerians what Fela would have liked for Nigerians. Maybe if Buhari becomes president and he suddenly becomes pro-people, developing Nigeria from the ground-up, things that I know would have made my father happy, and he is bring Nigeria up yeah.

“Definitely, I would understand that even if Fela were alive and Fela sees Nigeria going forward like this, he would speak in favour of the man. But so far, I can’t betray my father based on some promises and some words. So, that is why I’m not voting for him.”

It can be recalled that while Buhari was campaigning, Seun said he would not forgive him for the atrocities committed against his family. But in a series he posted on his twitter handle, it appears he had accepted Buhari’s new regime, and commended former Lagos State governor and APC leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for bringing the much needed change to Nigeria.

“I wan thank Asiwaju Bola Tinubu for bringing dis needed change. Aluta continua. I wan say well done to all Naija youth, na una bring this new wave of change come naija o; una warn Oga Jonah but e no hear. We Naija cannot go and sleep o, na now work start if una want this new govt to work and achieve. We be the real opposition as we all know,” he tweeted.

He, however, warned Buhari that if he refuses to transform Nigeria, he will also be blown out like Jonathan.

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  • Sankara 2

    You have no moral justification to comment on this issue. You a complete deviant , Fela will be turning in the grave to have had a sell out son like you.

    • apapo1

      myopic. Fela does not set agenda for all Nigerians. Love him as a person. Love his music. Others? Nada. Dead men don’t talk in the grave. Living men do. Tell me his contributions to Nigeria. He rode donkeys; troll around in his undies. held up traffic in Mushing. People who loved him followed him. Smoked marijuana and advocated its use. No wonder Moshalashi was full of people of unsound minds around the time – breaking into shops; miscreants. Stop the nonsense. The boy spoke of his father as normal children should. He probably does not need an advocate like you.