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Sharon… In love with music, acting



Though her name might not ring a bell, Sharon Okpamen ranks amongst the growing category of Nollywood actors cum producers, who are making a difference and quietly impacting with their craft and worth at the moment.

However, her first love was actually singing, which later paved way for her acting career. Following her emergence some ten years ago, through the aide of comic actor Mr. Ibu, thrusts on her some form of responsibility. 


“I started my Nollywood journey in 2010, through the help of John Okafor popularly known as Mr. Ibu,” she reveals.

Naturally, the Edo state beauty was quick to realise the import of her craft to her native Benin locale, one of which is female empowerment. “I started my acting career in Asaba where I realised there was much work to do in the Benin movie industry. One of which is to let the girl child know women have responsibilities just like the men and curb the excesses in society.” 

She switched just so to move a bit faster while maintaining her acting lane.

“I started producing when I realised that I have so many lectures to give to society through movie making. Being an actress will not make me achieve such dreams because I will only be acting according to the mindset of others. Hence I came into the Benin movie industry as a producer in 2013,” she added.

So far, she has produced quite a good number of movies through her self-owned platform, Sharonny Production Enterprise.


It is not surprising her latest movie Night Hustlers, tackles prostitution. Sharon explained, “Night Hustlers talks about the first and oldest business in this life (prostitution), I am not trying to say prostitution is good or bad because there are some people that were able to enhance their family with it, while some fell at the wrong side, be that as it may, night hustlers is directly pointing to the dark side of prostitution, how humans fall greedy in selling their selves in the act of prostituting that even let to man inhumanity to man (diabolical).” 

Aside acting and filmmaking, Sharon is a beauty and fashion enterprise so to say; she’s enthusiastic about female looks. When she’s not on set acting or shooting, she’s seen shuttling far away from from Europe shopping for the business.

“I am good at acting and entrepreneur. When am not on set, am always busy with my businesses. I am the CEO of Sharonnyglamorworld where I deal with human hair, clothes, and all kinds of beauty accessories. So, aside filmmaking, I frequently make shopping abroad to fill my beautiful home.” 

However, her moments high and low revolve around her acting career.

“My high moment in life is when am acting or making movies and receiving awards get me to fulfill. And my low moments in life are when am not acting or working or when am around people that are not helping my life, that gets me so down and unhappy because I like being busy one way or the other.”


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