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In the lord’s temple (2)

By Segun Durowaiye (08055356855)
15 April 2023   |   3:13 am
How can a servant of God go through this avalanche of problems?” he shook his head sorrowfully]

Continued from Saturday, April 1, 2023

“How can a servant of God go through this avalanche of problems?” he shook his head sorrowfully.

“Just let’s pray over it, Austin,” Hannah pleaded, “and endure a little more, God has reasons for our present situation. Perseverance is the right word. Hope is not lost. Don’t let us blame God,” she concluded philosophically.

“Hannah, tomorrow I’ll go and see my old friend, Barrister Rotimi, to discuss my problems with him. He’s a very successful and rich legal practitioner, who has a number of wealthy clients and companies to his credit,” he said with a note of finality in his voice.

“That’s a better idea,” his wife added, “I hope he’ll give you ideas on how to wriggle out of our present predicament. A problem shared is half-solved my dear.”

The following morning, Austin was with his old friend, Barrister Rotimi. Rotimi was dark-skinned, short and robust.

“Rotimi, I have come to see you about my personal problems… problems that are beyond my understanding,” Austin said with tears gathering in his eyes. “I know you can help me out. I have prayed over it severally, as a minister of God, but it seems God is not ready to solve these mounting problems for me. So, as the last resort, I decided to see you for assistance. Please, put a smile on my face. My world is crumbling. I don’t know what I did wrong to deserve these untold punishments and hardships.”

“My good friend, Austin, to be sincere with you, your problems will go away and disappear like the morning dew if only you can keep secret and do whatever I tell you,” the young and ebullient barrister was smiling and fiddling with his biro while talking.

“Please, tell me the secret, I won’t tell anybody…I’ll do anything that can change my life for the better… just tell me the secret Rotimi,” Austin repeated reassuringly.

“This is the secret of my success and wealth, the key to making big money. Do you want me to tell you?” Rotimi asked for the umpteenth time. “Please, go ahead and tell me Rotimi, I am all ears,” Austin said once again.

Then Rotimi began: “Money-making ritual. That’s the secret of my wealth. I’ll take you to a great diviner and medicine man tomorrow. You’ll be initiated and later perform some money-making ritual at midnight. You’ll buy three black he-goats and three yards of plain red cloth. The three he-goats will be slaughtered and buried with the red cloth at 12 mid-night in the forest. After this ritual you’ll be surprised at the turn of events, money will come your way like a torrential downpour.”

“Money-making ritual!” Austin exclaimed, “Thank you very much my friend, I’ll see you tomorrow so that we can go and see the great diviner.”

“See you then Austin. Make sure you’re here around 7a.m. tomorrow. The diviner lives very far on the outskirts of Lagos. We’ll spend two days in his abode. Bye-bye,” Rotimi replied, waving to his friend.

As Austin left the premises of his lawyer-friend sweat beads covered his forehead. He was confused and shocked, nay flabbergasted. ‘What sort of thing is this?’ he questioned himself, ‘How can I, a minister of Almighty God, indulge in such fetish money-making ritual? I’d rather die than do this kind of thing. It’s an insult unto God. I can’t taint the Holy Spirit with dirt. I’ll tell Hannah when I get home…this is really terrible.”

He made up his mind to disclose what had transpired that day to his beloved wife, not minding any damn consequences that might arise. His mind was heavy with grief and melancholy as he hurried home.

He wondered what his wife would say in reaction to this unwholesome development. It was something strange to his ears and disposition. All his life he had never looked back with regard to worshipping God in truth and honesty. If it were tantamount to putting his life down at the moment, he wouldn’t mind.

“Hannah, Hannah” he called as he entered his apartment, “I have strange news for you!”

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