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Signs that you have integrity


Life moves at the speed of light and it can be hard to stop and think of our actions as they flail out of us at the same speed.

But some people don’t stop to think about how they’re acting.

However, those with integrity take the time to reflect on their actions to learn from them and become a better person as a result.


Surprisingly, they are out there doing good, while the rest of us are pushing people out of our way to get to the top.

The following are some signs showing people who have integrity.

One, taking ownership of your actions. People who have real integrity recognise the impact of their behaviour and adjust to it accordingly.

That doesn’t mean they are bending to everyone’s will. In fact, it means the opposite. They just want to be the best version of themselves.

A good example is when overworked and frustrated parents take the time to apologise to their children when they fly off the handle.

It is easy to take your frustration out of your loved ones.

But people with real integrity realise when they have crossed the line and apologise to even the smallest people in their lives.

They know it is important to set the example that people must take responsibility for their behaviour.

Two, people with integrity praise the accomplishments of others. They talk up a coworker or colleague before themselves.

They know praise goes a long way to lift people up and helps them feel good about themselves.

Also, people of integrity realise they can learn from those around them, they don’t assume they know everything.

Three, they keep an argument clean. You can always tell a person has integrity when he won’t diminish himself by name-calling or finger-pointing during an argument.

They calmly articulate their argument in a way that doesn’t offend the feelings of others.

Because they take responsibility for themselves, they mostly win arguments, as they are focused on the solution and not the problems.
Four, during scrambling in traffic jam, people of integrity just sit and use the time to reflect about dinner rather than freak out on the highway. They know that the traffic will move and that stupid people cannot be taught how to drive, so they just let it go.

Five, people of integrity put others first in a way that makes them know their time is valued.


Six, people of integrity asks to know the other side of the story before offering an opinion. They always give someone the benefit of the doubt when things are unclear.

They always understand that there are two or more sides to a story.

They will take the time to find out as much information before taking any decision.

This shows real character and is a sign of strength and integrity.
Seven, even though our time is very short on this planet, people of integrity always volunteer, knowing that time is best spent in service of others.

This could be by organising the holiday concert at their children’s school.

Giving away their time is one of the best uses of their time they can think of, and we would agree.

They believe character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.

Only through volunteering to gain experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.

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