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Simple DIY ideas to transform your home space


make-cool-little-decoration-at-home-yourself-diy-projects-2-997When people think of changing things around the home or office, they become put off by the prices of decorations and ornaments and tend to rest the idea at the end of the day.

Did you know there are several decorations and ornaments you can make yourself to transform any space without breaking the bank? Apart from saving tons of money, it can also be a very relaxing hobby for anyone.

There are several objects you can make yourself from old items around you; all you need is patience and creativity.
Here are a couple of ideas.

. Yarn- Covered bottles as flowerpots: Take some old bottles and some yarn or wool as well as glue. Start from the top, glue and wrap the yarn around it gently. You can paint the wool if you wish to give it a stiff look.

. Grass Lamps: This is for the more enthusiastic and artistic-inclined. If you are not the artistic type, you might want to give this a miss. This involves a lamp base, frame and dried grass. Get a lamp base, sketch out your design and use the frame to support it. It would be easier to begin with simple designs.

2067099_lamp20sekere206a_jpeg45d268ed42b8edde9366e3c4aedbd568. Plastic spoons: All you need for this are plastic spoons and a strong plastic frame. Cut away the handles from the spoons leaving the head. Apply glue on the outside, and then put the spoon heads carefully round the frame. Repeat the process for the inside.

. Repainting: this is another great way to change the look and feel of a place. Painting is not so easy, but with a bit of patience, it can totally transform any space. Using different bright colours is a wonderful idea but you have to ensure the colours don’t clash and ruin the overall ambience. For geometric walls, use a paper tape to define lines on the wall, paint the entire wall white and remove the tape at the end when it is dry.

. Throw pillows: This is a fun, affordable way to add pizzazz to any space, either home or office. If you ever get tired of them, you can always get new ones or revamp the old ones.

Photos: Adebimpe Onakoya

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