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Spice up your interior with throw pillows


Oftentimes people are oblivious of what a set of throw pillows can do to not just the living room, but also the bedroom. The throw pillow spices up your décor distinctively with a narrative that eliminates ordinariness, whether it’s on the sofa, bed or on the floor, what you get is exclusive aesthetic.

Some lovers of simplicity would probably query the above proposition, but the fact is, there is a clear difference between simplicity and ordinariness. While the former radiates distinct beauty, the latter has no special feature whatsoever; it’s just there with zero narrative.

Your interiors should tell your story and arouse compliment by anyone who walk into your home. If you live in a home or run a hospitality organisation like a hotel, and no one is wowed at a step in, or says ‘lovely place you got here’ then you’re missing something, which might just be a set of colour-blending throw pillows.


However, it is important to ensure that you do not just pick up throw pillows at a roadside store without a certification of quality. You don’t want throw pillows that give you anything short of comfort.

Throw pillows are the simplest way to give any sofa, bed or space that gorgeous and impeccable finishing, but you will need accurate complementing or blending colour combination as desired.

Go for quality throw pillows
It is imperative to know about the fill of the throw pillow you want to purchase, go for a lush look. A feather and down fill has more squish, but it is more expensive. Foam and other synthetic fills are stiffer; they hold their shape but look less lush and not durable.

Choosing your throw pillow fabric
Smooth tightly woven fabrics like cotton and linen are perfect for your living room. You want a texture that is durable and feel good to touch.

Choosing your throw pillow colour
It is not mandatory for the colour of your throw pillows to be monochromed with your sofa or bed. As a matter of fact, complementing colours are best for the sofa and bed. However, if you must use similar colour, ensure that other décor within your interior contrast complementarily.

Throw pillow number
For throw pillows, simplicity gives you the perfect aesthetic narrative you desire. You don’t want a clumsy look, where you’d have to rid the pillows, before sitting.
. For a single-seat sofa, one or two throw pillow is perfect.
. Double-seat sofa- three throw pillows are the best.
. Three-seat sofa- four throw pillows will do.
. For your bed, you should use between two to four throw pillows since you already have the regular sleeping pillows on the bed.

Throw pillow sizes
The standard throw pillow size is about 18 inches nest neatly on sofas with typical dimensions. But if you have a modern sofa with a very low back, consider 16 inches.

. For your living room sofa, small size throw pillows are distinct; you don’t want to cover up the sofa with big size throw pillows. However, you can have a mix of averagely big and small sizes on your two or three seat-sofa, one oblong pillow for the center of the couch, and two interesting outliers patterned embellished, or oddly shaped, such that reference either the colour of your upholstery or the colour of your throw pillows.

. For your bed, big pillows are more suiting considering the fact that you’d be resting on it more than just holding it. So shape and size should be 18 to 24 inches across, large enough to showcase your bedspread colour and pattern.


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